10 DIY Gifts to Give Your BFFs Before You Graduate

Graduating high school can be rough. A lot of the time, you’ll be graduating with many of the kids you’ve gone to school with for the past few years. Many high school students experience the feeling of straying away from their group of friends as they graduate, simply because everyone will be starting a new chapter of their lives. Whether you’re going to college, working, moving away, or just staying home, you may not feel ready to leave your high school BFFs behind.

So, what should you do? It’s time to get crafty. Here are 10 cute gifts you can make to give your friends before you graduate and go your separate ways.


1. Handmade bracelets

Put your middle school skills to use and make friendship bracelets for you and your squad. You can make them simple or add charms.


2. A photo collage

Gather up your favorite selfies and prom pictures from over the years and make a collage. You could create one on the computer, or print out pictures and make it yourself. Shutterfly has some great, inexpensive options for collages!


3. A memory box

Similar to a photo collage, think back to your favorite memories with your BFFs. Collect photos, notes, and little items that you remind you of the best times, and stick them in a decorated box so they will always have a little piece of you wherever they go.

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4. Blankets with their favorite patterns

If you and your BFF are headed off to college in opposite directions, make a blanket with a pattern they would love to put in their dorm room. Does your friend love dogs? Pick a dog pattern and make a simple tie throw blanket.


5. Mason jar messages

Graduating high school means you won’t see your BFF every day at your lockers, and you won’t always be there physically if she needs you. Fill a mason jar with messages to your BFF so if they are ever feeling down, they can open an inspirational or loving note from you.


6. A recipe book with mug cakes

When you move away to college, it means you’ll be eating dining hall food all the time. Fill a recipe book with mug cake ideas for when your BFF is in desperate need of a snack.


7. A personalized mug

Now, if you give out a mug cake recipe, your BFF will need a mug to make it in. Personalizing one is easy and fun!


8. A spa in a jar

With the first year of college ahead, stress is bound to happen. Give your BFF a mason jar filled with face masks, scrubs, nail polish, and anything else they may need in a time for relaxation. You could either purchase the items or try to make some yourself.


9. Decorative pillows


Besides a blanket, your friends will need some pillows for their dorm rooms as well. Decorate a pillow with cool colors and fabric, or put a picture of your squad on there.


10. A journal


Sometimes, a girl just needs to vent. Personalize or decorate journals to give to your friends to be used when you’re not available to talk about relationships or the professor you’re scared to approach.


These crafts shouldn’t take long to make, and giving your friends a homemade present before graduation will feel so special. If you’re struggling to figure out what to do for gifts, pick an idea and get to work.