5 Wine and Junk Food Pairings You Need In Your Life RN

When you hear the word ‘sommelier,’ your mind may immediately jump to the very serious folks your parents order wine from at fancy restaurants. But twentysomething Sam Capaldi, owner and founder of ‘Samantha Sommelier,’ is proving to the world that wine really is super approachable. 

After a few years in a corporate job, Sam realized her passion just wasn’t there. After attending culinary school and focusing on a sommelier path, she found that making wine low-key, casual, and comfortable to a younger demographic was her real passion. Read on for five wine and junk food pairings you have to try because I mean, is there anything better?

  1. 1. Champagne + french fries

    Bubbles literally can pair well with anything and everything because of their crisp palate cleansing capability. French fries are just one of my absolute favorites. So simple and perfect.” 

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  2. 2. Rosé + bbq chips 

    Here's the thing with rosé, it really is such a versatile wine it will go well with any chip but it definitely will pair alongside the BBQ chips the best. Two of the main ingredients in BBQ chips are honey and sugar so rosé does a perfect job bringing out the sweetness in these chips without overwhelming them.” 

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  3. 3. Pinot grigio + salt & vinegar chips 

    In the food and wine pairing world, we say, 'tangy loves tangy!' A bit of these salt of vinegar chips alongside a sip of pinot grigio actually tones down that sharp tang these chips have and creates the perfect balance.” 

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  4. 4. Red blend + nacho cheese doritos 

    When it comes to a cheesy chip, just think cheese board and wine pairings! My go-to pairing for sharp cheddar cheese is a lush fruit-driven red blend like 14 Hands Hot to Trot canned wine. Ripe strawberry, raspberry, and boysenberry fruit flavors are balanced by a firm tannin structure making it the perfect complement to my fave, Nacho Cheese Doritos.

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  5. 5. Sparkling rosé + spicy takeout

    When you’re drinking sparkling rosé, you’ll want to opt for your favorite flavorful takeout. These slightly sweet and crisp bubbles will calm down the heat in any one of your favorite spicy dishes, like Mexican or Thai food!” 

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