The Best Sites to Find Apartments

Sweet! Now that you’ve officially served your one-year sentence in the dorms, you’re ready to move off-campus somewhere. Or, maybe you just scored that coveted job or internship you’ve been pursuing for what seems like forever. Only problem now is you have no place to live! Many students face this dilemma every semester as they finish off another year, graduate and enter the workforce, or as they accept an internship that takes them far away from home and their campus. Luckily HC has you covered with your complete guide to finding the perfect apartment to rent that won’t bust your budget. Check out some of the tips and recommended sites (all but one of which let you create an account and browse listings for free!) below to find somewhere you’ll love to call home, be it in a major city, in the middle of nowhere, or even in a different country!

To find an apartment anywhere…

Check with your company or school first
Double-check and make sure your school or new employer doesn’t have housing options available for new transplants. If you’re in a new city for an internship, it also doesn’t hurt to check with schools in the area you’ll be living in as well. Sometimes, you can get a dorm room or other student housing for cheaper than you’d be able to rent an apartment.

If you’re a new employee looking for something more permanent, many companies also offer resources, help, and tips to those settling in a new city. Be sure to check with your boss, as well as current employees to get advice on how they found their first places, and to see if the company offers any help with making the move.

Don’t be afraid to look at Craigslist
There’s a reason this site has so many housing listings for almost anywhere in the country – it’s a fantastic resource! You can search for an apartment, a house to rent, or even look for a potential roommate. Brokers often post current listings, and the site lets you search by owner, pricing options, and other things to help you start your search.
The name pretty much says it all. ApartmentList takes listings from other major sites and delivers some of the more affordable options to you all in one place. They also compare the listing you’re looking at to the cost of places nearby, making searching for multiple possibilities in one location hassle-free!
This site is awesome, not only because you can search virtually anywhere in the country, but also because of all the perks associated with the site. You can see photos, videos, and even take virtual tours of many of the spaces on the site. Be sure to check out ForRent University as well, a portion of the site designed specifically for college students or recent grads looking for somewhere to crash.

Rent Jungle
This site should be your go-to place if you’re looking for something in particular in your next apartment. Rent Jungle lets your search for certain features in your desired neighborhood like lofted ceilings, hardwood floors, green space, a pool, or any other amenities you’d want to make sure you’re only looking at places you’re sure to love.

The cool thing about this site is it lets you select certain types of housing right off the bat. You can look only at student or college apartments, look for pet-friendly places, check out affordable housing, and get access to expert advice and rent data to help with your search.

To find an apartment in Austin…

Small Planet Guide: Austin Edition
Perks of using this site include the ability to search by number of bathrooms or bedrooms you’d like, as well as what neighborhood you want to be in. There’s also all kinds of helpful information about the city in general to help you narrow down your search and pick the best neighborhood for your lifestyle.

Austin Apartment Store
Austin Apartment Store bills itself as the most comprehensive online search tool in the area. They offer tons of photos and videos, as well as narrated video tours to make searching from a distance a breeze.

Check in and around the University of Texas at Austin’s campus
Student housing may be your best bet, especially if you’re just looking for a place for a semester or two. The university itself offers an off-campus housing website with listings of tons of potential places.