No Meal Plan? No Problem! 4 Ways to Survive College Without a Meal Plan

Whether you’re a certified health nut, a picky eater, a money saver or just a collegiette™ who’s tired of the school cafeteria, many girls choose to abandon their school’s meal plans after freshman year and feed themselves instead. However, while it may be cheaper and healthier to cook in your own kitchen, it can be hard to find the time or the money to construct elaborate meals on busy college weeknights. But have no fear, collegiettes™ — Her Campus has got you covered! Here are four ways to survive without a meal plan!
Attend Free Food Events on Your Campus
Attending club events isn’t just something you do to learn new things or meet new people – you can get free food too! Pay attention to your school’s daily bulletinand you’re guaranteed to find at least a few events per week that will leave you feeling full and happy (and you won’t have to spend a thing!).
Elizabeth Carey, a UC Berkeley collegiette™, is a pro when it comes to finding free food. “Often companies will have free food events during lunch time, so I head down to the center of campus anywhere from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and there usually is a student group or organization promoting their product,” she says.

Kate Kivel, a Western Michigan University student, also has advice for students on the lookout for a free meal. “I'd say attend as many campus events as possible,” she says. “Our student government has been known to randomly provide subs, tacos, and the like.”
So hop online, take a look at your school’s calendar and make a schedule of free food eventsso you’ll know what events you simply can’t miss. You could even start a list-serv or Facebook group with your friends to make sure that whenever you or anyone else hears about a food event, you’ll all be in the know! You may not be itching to join the juggling club or the Asian Gala, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop by to enjoy those free ice cream sandwiches or egg rolls!