Taylor Swift's 'End Game' Video Is Here and It's Full of References to Joe Alwyn & Her Cats

Did you hear that? The sound of Twitter blowing up? If you didn't, I’m not sure how because Taylor Swift has officially dropped her video for her single “End Game” featuring Ed Sheeran and Future!

Fans have been anxiously awaiting the video for the smash single. They have also been at the ready to go over every single frame and figure out Swift’s now-famous hidden meanings within each new video. So, what’s hiding in this one? Let’s look.

The video, still leaning on her new “edgier” style, is shot across the globe in Miami, Tokyo and London. It’s got quite a cinematic feel to it and is less “hanging out with the girls” and more “let me show you how I’m living now” which is an interesting shift. There are fast cars, yachts, shots in a bar, champagne flutes in a hotel room. So, where are the Easter eggs amid all of the caviar dreams?

First and foremost, her signature number 13 can be seen on the back of the flashy car she drives around in with Future. And that video game she’s playing in the hotel room? Snake, which is a clear nod to the Kimye feud aftermath that has slithered its way through most of this new album.

Is there a nod to her new beau, Joe Alwyn, who the song is presumably written about? Of course! If you look closely enough, as major Swift stans have, you'll see that she can be seen sporting a “J” necklace in the scene where she’s blowing bubbles. It's also probably no coincidence that, after traveling to multiple cities in the video, Swift ends it in London — which is where her beau lives.

Fans also assume that her jacket with the number 58 is a sweet nod to the year her mother, who turns 60 this year, was born.

And there’s even a shout out to her feline friends in the Tokyo scene! If you look closely enough (and you understand Japanese of course), the names Meredith and Olivia are written in Japanese characters on the buildings!

For Swift, this was a rather tame video that shows her simply having a good time around the world. Is this the tamest one we can anticipate from her? We’ll just have to wait and see!