How to Make Your Dorm Instagram-Ready

College dorms are the social hub for many freshmen on campus. From hosting dance parties to getting work done at your new desk, your dorm needs to be a space that’s ready for anything. But how do you start to plan your new room? It’s overwhelming to pick up your whole life and move it to a different place. Even when you’ve made it through a year (or a few) of college, adjusting to a new space and location is difficult. We’re breaking down the essential aspects of a dorm so you can transform your room into the fun, comfortable, Instagram-ready place of your dreams.

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Who doesn’t love their bed? At college, your bed is more than a place to get some much-needed sleep – it also serves as a comfortable couch or homework spot. It’s important to think about what goes under and around the comforter before getting too excited by all the fun styles. Do you need or want a mattress pad? Is your bed a classic college twin XL? How many pillows do you sleep with?

Once you’ve figured the technical aspects out, it’s time to decide on one of the most important stylistic aspects of your new room. Because your bed is the key feature of your dorm, the comforter has the ability to set the style for the rest of the room. Gabriela Vascimini, an ambassador and model for Dormify, says it’s all about texture when it comes to bedding styles. If you want something upbeat, try brighter colors and fiery designs with some faux fur pillows. For a softer vibe, try a lighter wash or simplistic pattern highlighted with velvet throw pillows.

Most websites that offer dorm supplies will have great options for bedding. Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Roomify all have a wide array of reasonably priced bedding essentials. If you’re looking for something a little more style-oriented, try Deny Designs or PB Teen.


While most dorms come with a basic closet, dresser and desk, we often bring more than we can fit into tiny drawers. Optimizing storage is key, especially if you’re at a school that experiences all types of weather – or you’re just a girl with a lot of clothes!

But storage doesn’t have to be boring. Dormify has cute trunks and ottomans for fashion-forward safekeeping and Dormco has fun options for all your shoe storage. While The Container Store will have all you need for food, closet, and desk organization, don’t be afraid to get creative! DIY hacks like a hanger turned jewelry holder or cereal box drawer dividers will show your artistic side while keeping your things in place.



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One of the classic features of beautiful Instagram dorms is the lighting. There are so many string lights, lamps, and fairy lights available, so it’s important to think about what kind of look you’ll want in your room.

Lights usually work best when they work off something else in your room. Do you have built-in shelves? Try looping a delicate set of string lights around them for shape and a bit of extra light.

What about bare wall space with no furniture in front? Hang a few columns of lights for a cute photo backdrop. Do you like to show off your photos? Use clothespins to attach printed photos or Polaroids to a string. From multicolored strings to Pineapple lampshades, the options are endless if you’re willing to try a new decorative art project.

Wall art

Transform your walls from their basic, faded white to fun and decorative! Walls are for more than just movie posters – think outside the box and purchase posters with your favorite TV shows, quotes, pictures, and landscapes. Redbubble is a great site for finding these eclectic types of wall art (and has a wide array of stickers for all your notebook and laptop decorating needs).

If you want to cover your walls, think big with beautiful tapestries like ones at Urban Outfitters. Your walls are the place to show your personality, so string your favorite pictures from home across your new tapestry or arrange your Polaroids in an original design. If you’re a theater or music buff, organize playbills or album cover art around your room. If you’re crafty and creative, hanging your homemade art is a great way to impress all your new friends.

Your dorm is destined to hold the memories of some of the best years of your life. While it’s easy to get caught up in the thousands of products online, stick to what makes you happy and excited to show off your style (especially on Instagram!). This is your new home – embrace it!