The 6 Coziest Apartment Essentials I've Ever Splurged On

Whether you're moving into your first dorm, first apartment, or are hopping from one studio to the next until you find your dream living space, you deserve to feel cozy and at home. Where we live is a reflection of us in so many ways, and there's nothing like having your little nook or space where you feel your safest and most supported.

For me, that means blankets, tons of throw pillows, and lots of sunshine. But it also means not being afraid to save up to treat myself every so often (or maybe more than "so often," because yes, I have an online shopping problem) so that my space feels fresh and ready for another Netflix binge or five straight hours of reading.

Here are some of my faves that were definitely worth the money. 

  1. 1. This bright leaf pillow 

    Leaf Pillow, Dormify, $25; Shop Now

  2. 2. This stunning tray for all of your books 

    White Marble Print Tray, Dormify, $26; Shop now

  3. 3. A vase for your treat yourself bouquet 

    Sprinkles Cone Vase, O-M Ceramic at, $76; Shop Now

  4. 4. This eco-friendly bedding

    Buffy Comforter, Buffy, $150 for Queen/King; Shop now

  5. 5. Pillowcases that will protect your hair 

    Bedtime Beauty Pillowcase Set, Madison & White, $89; Shop now

  6. 6. A weighted blanket, obv 

    Mini Weighted Blanket, Baloo, $149; Shop now

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