10 Items You Need to Take Your Room to the Next Level This Fall

Looking for a way to spice up the decor in your space? These items will make any room even more beautiful just in time for the fall season. 

If you’re also attending Zoom University this semester and have been staring at those blank walls in your room or looking to add some new decorations, look no further. I’m here to give you all the things you’ll need to make your space look and feel brand new (wherever you’re taking classes) this fall. 

  1. 1. Butterfly wall stickers  

    butterfly 3D wall stickers

    These stickers are perfect for decorating that empty wall space in your room. And they have a little shine to them, so if the sunlight hits it they’ll look and add extra glistening to make your room beautiful. 

    Walmart, $6, Shop Now

  2. 2. Wall pocket 

    wall pocket decor

    This wall pocket is legit everything you could want for decor, it can hold a plant, your books, or it looks just as good on its own too. 

    Walmart, $16, Shop Now

  3. 3. A light-up LED alphabet or number symbol

    LED light number/letter symbol

    This decoration is cute for your space to customize and totally make it your own. It’s an easy way to personalize your space, and even add a little light to it too! 

    Walmart, $10, Shop Now 

  4. 4. This round wall mirror 

    round wall mirror

    TBH round mirrors are everything these days (take it from Pretty Dorms) and they can make your space look bigger. This one is large enough to be a decor piece of its own. It also comes in Gold or Titanium, you choose which looks better for your space. 

    Walmart, $120, Shop Now 

  5. 5. A gold wire bowl

    gold wire bowl

    This bowl is exactly what you need to store your keys, masks, wallet, or anything else you might grab while heading out the door. Find it at your local HomeGoods for $30.

  6. 6. Metallic mini wood pumpkins

    mini metallic pumpkin decor

    These pumpkins are here just in time for fall and can make your space look super festive that you can reuse every year and they’re super affordable too. You can also grab them from your nearest HomeGoods store for $10.

  7. 7. A Beverly Hills palm wall art print 

    palm wall art

    Dreaming of vacationing elsewhere but know you can’t go anywhere RN? Same. Luckily, there’s wall art for that and it can make your space feel like the location you want to go to next.

    Nordstrom, $49, Shop Now

  8. 8. Eucalyptus planter decor 

    Eucalyptus planter decor

    Pro tip: a small plant like this one makes a space look a little livelier and it can also make your desk space brighter too. 

    Nordstrom, $69, Shop Now

  9. 9. An accent table 

    gold accent table

    This accent table is the perfect table for your bedside, and it also has space for anything else you might want to add to it (AKA a diffuser). 

    Nordstrom, $165, Shop Now

  10. 10. A tufted throw blanket 

    tufted throw blanket

    Fall is the time to get comfy, and thanks to these blankets it’s easy to, and they’ll look just as cozy and cute on your bed too. 

    Bed, Bath, & Beyond, $35, Shop Now 

Happy fall shopping.