You're still Graduating Her Campus event

An Open Letter to The Class of 2020: You’re Still Graduating (& We’re Making It Happen!)

March 19, 2020

Dear Class of 2020, 

We know this isn’t what you thought your senior spring would look like.  Forget senioritis—we’re dealing with a global pandemic. Instead of spending quality time with your roommates, many of you are now spending quality time with your parents.  And instead of senior week, you have social distance. And what’s more, graduation—that singular event you’ve looked forward to, and worked towards, and imagined in your mind for so many years—is no longer taking place as planned.

Is this the biggest crisis the world is facing right now in light of coronavirus?  No, of course not. But it’s still pretty heartbreaking.

No matter what the world throws at us, your years of hard work, the memories made, the relationships built, the all-nighters, the problem sets, the hours and hours of labs, the late-night roomie chats, the big wins, the tough losses, the extracurriculars you poured your heart and soul into, and the friends who became family—no one—and nothing—can take that away. So we’re throwing an epic, universal, live virtual graduation ceremony just for you—the class of resilience, the class of changemakers, and the class that is absolutely still graduating. 

We launched Her Campus in 2009, in the wake of the Financial Crisis. Though what we experienced then is nothing compared to what we’re living through now, we feel for you. We’re there for you. And we. got. you.

Save the date for May 15, 2020 for an epic live virtual graduation ceremony.  We’re throwing you the best commencement ever, all virtual, and all for you. 

Mark it in your calendar and head over to and put your name on the list so we can keep you informed. 

Share your triumph with #ImStillGraduating and reclaim your senior spring (even if it looks different than expected) because YOU, the Class of 2020, are still graduating — and we are so here for it.


Stephanie, Windsor & Annie (co-founders of Her Campus)