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‘Young & Hungry’ Brings Back Your Fave Disney Channel Mom In This Exclusive Clip

Freeform’s Young & Hungry is going international this week, giving us a treat with a two-part episode called “Young & Mexico” that is sure to be a wild ride.

It’s Sofia’s birthday this week, but it looks like nobody reminded Gabi because she forgets. Gabi then decides to take Sofia on a vacation to Mexico to cover up her mistake, but if you’ve been keeping up with Young & Hungry for a while, you know that the success rate for Gabi’s plans is usually somewhere between zero and… well, zero.

After Sofia finds out Gabi forgot her birthday (because how else were you expecting this to go?), Gabi’s in a bit of a pinch to make it up to her. We get a pleasant surprise in the form of guest star Maria Canals-Barrera, who starred as Theresa Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place and Connie Torres in Camp Rock. She tries to help Gabi plan a day at the beach, but Gabi’s got her eye on sombrero vendor Juan Carlo instead as a potential bae for Lil So So.

I have to be honest, this clip made me so excited for this week. Emily Osment is in fine form as usual with her impeccable comedic timing—and let’s be real, Canals-Barrera was the best Disney Channel mom of your childhood. I mean, she had to be, if she could mother both Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

As for Juan Carlo, I’m not so sure this part of Gabi’s plan will work out any better than the botched first half did, but we’ll have to tune in at 8 p.m. on Wednesday to find out!

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