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Love Is In The ‘You’ Season 4 Part 2 Trailer & Twitter Is Losing It

Joe is back at it again! Or should I say, Jonathan Moore? Last week, Netflix released part one of Season 4 of the show You. The first five episodes were explosive: There were dead bodies, a new killer is on the loose, and Joe even has his own stalker now. But on Feb. 15, Netflix posted the trailer for part two of the season and fans were pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face — I’m not sure Joe feels the same way, though.

Love Quinn was introduced in Season 2 of You as Joe’s newest obsession. The twist happened later on in the season, as the audience learned she, like Joe, is a killer. Season 3 took place in the suburbs as Joe and Love started a family, but their lives spiraled when they began killing again. As for Season 4, Joe is alone and is now a college professor in London after faking his death in the Season 3 finale. Also, it was assumed he killed Love with a bit of poison as well as a house fire. Though, from the new trailer for part two of Season 4, it seems as though she is alive and well. 

Fans were shocked by her appearance in the trailer and are speculating about what her return must mean for the show. Is it a hallucination? Is she really back or just a figment of Joe’s imagination? The thought that Love might be alive and back to terrorize Joe is very intriguing… someone play SZA’s “Kill Bill.” Whatever piece of this puzzle that Love plays, fans are excited and firing off their thoughts on Twitter. 

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