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You Can’t Unsee These Politicians in Man Buns

2015 has undoubtedly been the year of the man bun. Some of the most well known stars that rock the up-do include everyone from Bradley Cooper, Harry Styles… and Obama? 

Yes, you read that last one correctly. After a design marketplace based in Australia put out an ad asking designers to create images of politicians with the infamous top-knot, the Photoshopped pictures have been sweeping the internet. 

1. Donald Trump

Trump‘s hair has always been a subject of discussion, but with this perfectly-sized man bun, he might actually receive some compliments. 

2. Abraham Lincoln

More like Babe-raham Lincoln.

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3. George Bush

Even if you don’t like him as a politician, there’s no denying that he’s rocking this top-knot. 

4. Bill Clinton

Who wouldn’t want to see Bill with a bun on his wife‘s campaign trail?!

5. Kim Jong Un 

Everything about this just screams yes.

6. Barack Obama

Why can’t this be real? 

7. George Washington 

This changes everything.

8. Joe Biden

He may not be running for president, but he sure can rock the bun.

9. John F. Kennedy 


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