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You Can Now Post 60-Second Videos on Instagram

As a part of the millennial generation, we’re used to constant changes, and nowhere are the changes more free-flowing than social media. This change is a pretty big one!

Posting photos on Instagram is still wildly popular among millennials. Where else can you share such a perfectly filtered, curated version of your life? However, looking at social media trends right now, it’s clear that videos are on their way to dominating the social media market. Noticing this shift, Instagram has made a big change to better serve this video craze. Previously, the social media site would only allow uploads of videos up to 15 seconds long. However, Wednesday, the site released their latest update, allowing up to 60 seconds of video to be posted.

According to BuzzFeed, people have consumed 40 percent more video on Instagram in the last six months. And now, with longer videos to watch, that percentage should grow even more. The Huffington Post suggests that this change was made in order to compete with apps like Snapchat and YouTube. Can this new update draw more users to Insta? We’ll see which site site is able to take the crown, and whether this big change was worth it.

Abigail Miller is a freshman at the University of Florida. She is studying journalism and political science and hopes to become a political journalist. She writes for Spoon University, in addition to writing for Her Campus and is very involved in different clubs and activities on her school's campus. When she isn't writing or studying, she loves running, painting and drinking excessive amounts of coffee. Follow her on twitter and keep up with her latest articles! @abigailm_miller
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