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You Can Now Have Your Coffee with a Side of Cats

Since there are few things in life better than coffee and cats, you can now pick up your morning java… surrounded by cats (!) at the brand new Meow Parlor, which just opened yesterday.

The best part is that Meow Parlor is permanent (unlike the Purina Cat Café from a few months ago), so don’t worry if you can’t get in on your first try (because believe us, you won’t). Walk-ins are allowed, but based on the huge hype, you’re probably better off making a reservation through Meow Parlor’s website, which actually crashed last week due to the high amount of online traffic. Though playing with the friendly felines isn’t free, the $4 price tag (per half hour) seems pretty reasonable.

When it came to providing the actual cats, co-founders Christina Ha and Emilie Legrand partnered up with KittyKind. Since the NYC-based non-profit rescue group works to find permanent homes for the hundreds of cats it saves each year, all of the kitties you might see at Meow Parlor are up for adoption! 

If you ask us, this idea is genius! Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee and some animal therapy rolled into one? If we lived in NYC you know where we’d be blowing off steam during finals week (or rather, every week)!

NYC-based collegiettes—will be you be paying Meow Parlour a visit?

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