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You Can Now Have Coffee From Luke’s Diner Any Time You Want

You know those mornings where you all you can think about is coffee, but the thought of making it even seems like too much work? For any Gilmore Girls fan, the phrase ‘coffee in an IV’ probably comes to mind. Oh, if only you could head over to Luke’s Diner for a quirky convo and endless cups of coffee.

Well, we can’t guarantee the small-town ambiance, but luckily, the liquid gold that is Luke’s coffee will be available any time you want. Yes, that’s right, there’s an actual brand of Luke’s coffee that you can have in your very own kitchen. Deep breaths, this is a real thing.

Urban Tee Farm says that these little K-cups are “basically like having Luke in your kitchen.” In fact they are so popular, there’s a two-week wait period to get them. (So, you know, get on it before finals!)

Each box comes with 12 pods of Lorelei’s morning necessity—breakfast blend of course—and they’re even decorated with the classic Luke’s Diner logo. For $19.99 you’ll be one step closer to an actual Star’s Hollow experience… if only Luke actually came with it….

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