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You Can Now Dress Like Presidential Debate Star Ken Bone For Halloween

We all remember Ken Bone, undecided voter and overnight sensation from the second Presidential debate. It wasn’t Hillary Clinton’s Ralph Lauren pantsuit and Melania Trump’s Gucci top that impressed us, but rather Ken Bone’s adorable red cable knit sweater.

According to The New York Times, the red sweater wasn’t Bone’s first choice. When the pants of his first choice, a formal suit, ripped, he opted for the sweater.

“It’s a really bright color when everybody else was wearing dark colors,” Bone told the Times. “That was naturally going to draw some attention.”

And now, you can dress just like Ken Bone for Halloween!

According to Cosmopolitan, Yandy.com has a Ken Bone inspired Halloween costume called “Sexy Undecided Voter”. Yandy said the costume was inspired by “the most lovable political enthusiast of the 2016 election season,” and comes with a red crop top, a white cropped shirt, high-waisted pants, glasses, a mustache and a microphone.

Yandy sold out of the costume within four hours during its pre-sale, and says that it will have more soon.

All in all, the whole thing was an admirably fast turnaround. How’d they do it? The company’s CEO, Chad Horstman, told Cosmopolitan, “We sketched it, [and] looked at what we already had available. He had this sweater, he had this mustache, we could make this work.”


When Mr. Bone found out about the popularity of his outfit and how it was being made into Halloween costumes, the Times asked him if he would dress up as himself. “I’ll wear the sweater again, and I’ll dress as me because I look just like me,” Bone said. Good answer!

His wife, however, said that she isn’t “necessarily excited about the prospect of hordes of Mr. Bone look-alikes wandering around.” “I hope I don’t see a red sweater and kiss the wrong guy,” she said.

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