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You Can Get Pickle-Flavored Soft-Serve Now & Ew, Just, Ew

A fat cup of pale-green soft serve. Probably pistachio? Maybe mint? Oh, no no no. This is 2018 and people have lost their minds. It’s pickle-flavored

Yes. In NYC, Lucky Dumpling Pickle Co., a new pickle-obsessed restaurant from the creators of Jacob’s Pickles recently opened and their menu features pickle soft-serve. Clearly, there restaurateurs have a thing for pickles, but have they gone too far? For five bucks you get quite the hefty serving of ice cream. The question is if you even want any pickle ice cream at all. 


Can’t wait for some more #PICKLEICECREAM up at @luckypickledumpling @always_hungry

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Pickles have a bizarre cult following, so it makes sense that this is happening. For those people who eat pickles straight from the jar (maybe trying out their new pickle forks), I’m sure this will be a nice summer treat. 

For me? I’ll stick to Dairy Queen, thank you. 

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