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Women Spend Much More Money Than Men to Participate in the ‘Bachelor’ Franchise

Earlier this year, details about the cost of being a constestant on The Bachelor were quite the hot topic of discussion. The world was pretty schocked to find the ladies largely foot the bill for their wardrobes, hair and makeup. But contestants from this season of The Bachelorette claim they did not spend nearly as much money as the women.

While it is no secret that women generally spend more money than men on clothes and beauty products, in the world of reality television, you might think guys would also be forking out some serious cash to make sure their style is camera-ready. 

Here is where the major difference in cost arises. Female contestants have to provide their own gowns for each rose ceremony, and we all know women cannot be caught on camera wearing the same dress twice. Meanwhile, the men can simply rotate a couple of suits throughout the season, and no one ever notices because they just have to change their tie. 

This is not to say that some of the men this season didn’t spend major bucks on their wardrobe. Let us not forget Chad, who says he spent $7,000 on new clothes ahead of filming.

Ultimately, contestants decide how much they want to spend for the show. But ladies—it might be time to wear those pricey gowns more than once. Kate Middleton does it and still looks chic AF; you can too.

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