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This Woman Is Set To Marry A Chandelier & I Guess Love’s Not Dead After All

It is often said that the love of your life will light up your world. For Amanda Liberty, 33, of Leeds, that saying took on a new and literal meaning when she proposed to a chandelier.

The chandelier in question is named Lumiere, and Liberty says she proposed this past Valentine’s Day after falling in love at first sight last year when she saw the 30-inch wide chandelier on eBay. She has 25 chandeliers in total and said she plans to continue open relationships with each one despite having put a ring on Lumiere. For example, she does not take Lumiere to bed but instead takes her other pal, Jewel, because she’s much smaller “and very nice to cuddle.”

Liberty identifies as ‘object sexual,’ and it is exactly how it sounds — it means she is attracted to and falls in love with objects. She says she realized this when she was 14 and fell in love with a drum kit.

However, her first true love of her adult life was the Statue of Liberty, for whom she legally changed her name to “Liberty.” Unfortunately, Liberty said, the distance between the two of them strained the relationship too much.

Upon being asked why she wanted to bring attention to the relationship she has that most would call unusual, she said she wanted “others to see how happy the chandeliers make me, and how much they’ve enriched my life.” She added that her relationship with the light fixtures is not hurting anyone, and that she’s “just simply following [her] heart.”

The Church of England and the law will not recognize the relationship. However, Liberty is hopeful the two can still be joined in a commitment ceremony.

Congrats to the happy couple?

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