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Wisconsin Police Are Looking For A Man Who Robbed A Gas Station Wearing An Iron Man Mask & Twitter Detectives Are On The Case

Well, ladies and gents, it looks like Iron Man isn’t exactly the superhero we all took him for! The Kenosha News reports that a man wearing an Iron Man mask entered a local Speedway gas station in Kenosha, Wisconsin at around 12:30 Tuesday morning, demanding money from the clerk. Kenosha Police are currently working to identify the masked man, who they say fled the gas station with a small amount of cash while implying he had a weapon.

The Kenosha Police Department posted photos of the suspect on their Facebook page, urging people to call if they can provide any information.

Of course, Internet sleuths took no time jumping on the case, offering up their best speculations on Twitter.

One user writes, “I ain’t no snitch but… that’s Iron Man,” quickly going viral for his ~groundbreaking~ detective work.

At this rate, I’m sure they’ll identify the man in no time. For now, the KPD might want to give Tony Stark a call. 

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