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Will And Kate Fight Invasion of Privacy

According to Huffington Post, Twitter users have somewhat made light of the existence of Kate Middleton’s partially nude photos—by tweeting clothed photos with the top cropped off.

The royal family sees no humor in the situation, and is undertaking legal action against French tabloid Closer for breaching Will and Kate’s privacy. They are also exploring the possibility of a criminal case against the photographer, which could end in his imprisonment, says The Daily Mirror

According to The Herald Sun, “It could be up to two years before the actual hearing into the couple’s case is fully heard but in the interim the couple want the courts to block further images being published. It may be mute as the images have already gone viral.”

The memory of the role paparazzi played in Princess Diana’s death is burned into the British consciousness. Although the photos have now spread to tabloids in Italy and Ireland, all British publications have rallied around the couple with an unspoken determination not to publish the photos.

Marissa is a senior at Bowdoin College, majoring in Government and minoring in English. She's interned with NPR, The Christian Science Monitor and ELLE.com. In her spare time she enjoys writing poetry, baking cupcakes, tweeting, and admiring the big dipper. She hopes to live in a lighthouse someday, with 27 cats and a good set of watercolors.
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