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Wait, Why Did Miles Leave The Try Guys?

Remember the Ned Fulmer cheating scandal that rocked our worlds? Even if you never heard of the Try Guys before, you definitely learned about them on Sept. 27, 2022. In case you missed it, Fulmer, a then-member of the Try Guys, allegedly cheated on his wife Ariel with his employee Alexandria Herring. So, why does that matter today? Well, on Sept. 11, Miles Bonsignore announced he was leaving Try Guys. 

Bonsignore joined the Try Guys team in 2018 as a video and audio producer, but he worked on other projects as well, like creating and producing TheTryPod, Distractify reported. 

“I have produced hundreds of podcast episodes, I have shot hundreds of videos for their main channel, I’ve traveled the world, I’ve won a Webby, and I’ve been proposed to by my boss in a variety of chain restaurants,” Bonsignore said in the opening of his YouTube announcement. “So last week after five years of dutiful employment, I quit my job.” 

Bonsignore acknowledged that fans were definitely looking for the tea as to why he left, but he responded sarcastically before saying “When you’re at a job, like any job, for a long time, you’re gonna have days that suck, and then you’re gonna have days that are fantastic.” He then added that it was a job he actually did enjoy and credited the Try Guys with the reason he found success. 

But things take a slight turn at the 3:08 timestamp, although it’s barely noticeable. “Around a year ago I almost quit my job,” Bonsignore said. “I was having a lot of difficulty with a certain member of the staff who was in charge of a lot of the business decisions of the company… to avoid a defamation suit I’ll just say that I found this particular individual quite yucky.” 

Although he isn’t naming any names, I think we all have a theory as to who he’s referring to here: Ned Fulmer.  Her Campus reached out to Bonsignore’s team and Fulmer for comment, but did not hear back at the time of pubication.

Bonsignore goes on to add that the individual he’s referring to was “publicly shamed and ousted from his own company.” It was announced that Fulmer was no longer working with the rest of the group in an Instagram statement, which also said the remaining members “do not see a path moving forward together.” 

Bonsignore then says he “stuck around for another year” and had a great time with the remaining Try Guys. 

The rest of Bonsignore’s video is dedicated to explaining what he’ll be doing next, which is focusing on making videos for himself and being his own boss for the first time. So, don’t worry if you’re a Bonsignore fan, because you can still find him at his own show, Perfect Person. 

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