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I Just Learned Why Hawk Tuah Girl’s Going Viral & It’s Pretty NSFW

If you’ve spent time on the internet recently, you may have heard of the viral sensation known as “Hawk Tuah Girl.” If not, allow me to introduce you to Hailey Welch. 

On June 11, Welch was featured in a man-on-the-street interview by @Tim&DeeTV. DeArius Marlow from the duo asked Welch, “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?” She iconically replied, “You gotta give’em that Hawk Tuah and spit on that thang.” Without getting too graphic, Welch is referring to the sound one makes when spitting on genitalia during oral sex. Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of what I’m talking about, and I don’t sound crazy. Here’s the actual video to help bring it all home. 

Welch’s response was pretty funny and has gained much online attention, including a shoutout from WWE wrestler Liv Morgan. In a June 22 video posted to X, Morgan referenced Welch’s hilarious saying when asked how she felt. “I feel so good; I gotta give this (wrestling belt) a good ole Hawk Tuah,” she said.

Since becoming somewhat of an overnight sensation, Welch has been cashing in on this newfound fame. It’s been rumored that she signed with United Talent Agency, but TMZ reported that to be false. What is true is that Welch has teamed up with Tim&DeeTV to create an official merch line, which includes an array of t-shirts and hats with the “Hawk Tuah” slogan. I’m not mad about it. My favorite from the collection is, “If she don’t hawk tuah, I don’t want to talk tauh.” 

Another common misconception about Welch is that she was fired from her job following her viral video. As far as we know, Welch still has a job. Tippah County Tribune is a satirical social media account and looks to be the source of this rumor.  The Facebook account claims Welch lost her position as a preschool teacher at “Epstein Day School.” In reality, the public doesn’t know what Welch’s actual job is, and hopefully, it will remain that way. Her Instagram fan pages claim she is a bartender, which seems fitting. 

Let this story be a cautionary tale to all that maybe those guys with microphones and outlandish questions aren’t so bad (debatable). It turned out pretty well for Welch; it could be the same for you. 

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