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Kaz and Micah from \'Perfect Match\' Season 2
Kaz and Micah from \'Perfect Match\' Season 2
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Here Are The Relationship Statuses Of The ‘Perfect Match’ Season 2 Couples

Season 2 of Netflix’s hit reality show Perfect Match was a whirlwind, with unlikely couples forming, receipts revealed, messy breakups, and a late-forming couple taking home the title of “perfect match.” Many fans, myself included, fully had their bets on Stevan and Alara making it to the end together, so of course, that finale was jaw-dropping.

After watching the Season 2 finale, viewers were left with two burning questions: 1. Who actually found their perfect match on the show, and 2. Which of those couples are still together today? After doing some digging, I have some answers. Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for Perfect Match Season 2 follow

Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri

Stevan from Too Hot to Handle and Alara from Dated and Related were undoubtedly the strongest couple in the villa, matching with each other in Episode 3 and sticking together ‘till the end. Even when tested with other dates — Alara with Nigel and Stevan with Brittan — the pair’s genuine connection proved to be the strongest. Though they didn’t win the show, Stevan and Alara were the perfect match in many fans’ hearts. I mean, there were the cutest couple on the villa, IMO.

While there’s no info on their current relationship status, the lack of evidence seems to point to the fact that they sadly aren’t together anymore. Although Alara is following Stevan on Instagram, he doesn’t follow her back (though he does follow other members of the cast such as Harry Jowsey).  

Christine Obanor and Nigel Jones

This late-forming, but adorable couple features two Too Hot to Handle alums, Christine Obanor and Nigel Jones. These two shocked fans by winning the title of the “perfect match” despite not being in the season for very long. Although they won a trip together as their prize for reigning victors, perhaps outside of that tropical bubble, the compatibility between the two wasn’t as strong as it seemed. 

Nigel and Christine are both private people on social media, and the only indicator of the couple not sticking together is the fact that they don’t follow each other on Instagram, despite following other cast members. Christine has posted some relatable relationship struggles on her TikTok that could allude to a past (or current) situationship, so it seems like these two may have gone their separate ways since Perfect Match

This is honestly so tragic — I was rooting for them. 

Elys Hutchinson and Bryton Constantin

Throughout the duration of Perfect Match, Elys from Too Hot to Handle had the experience of four different matches. Elys began smitten with Harry Jowsey, who later matched with Jessica Vestal. Blindsided by the match, Elys coupled up with her friend Chris Hahn. Elys was then sent on a date with Surviving Paradise’s Justin Assada, whom she matched with, but it seemed as though a spark was missing for Elys.

Elys found herself unable to shake Bryton from Squid Game: The Challenge off her mind, whom she then decided to match with. Though the pair clicked, it’s safe to assume that they didn’t last beyond the villa.

It seems Bryton is currently dating Jade Gentile, a WWE NXT superstar better known by her ring name Jazmyn Nyx. Though neither has publicly confirmed their romance, Gentile currently has an Instagram story highlight dedicated solely to Bryton on her profile. If this doesn’t shout “relationship,” I don’t know what does.

Kaz Bishop and Micah Lussier

Kaz from Dated and Related and Micah from Love is Blind have faced many trials throughout their time on Perfect Match. The couple initially started out strong, even winning a compatibility challenge, but Micah often found herself icked out by how many new women in the villa Kaz had pursued. After flirting with Holly from Too Hot to Handle during their date, Kaz found himself in the middle of drama between the women, both feeling led on and deceived. Who wouldn’t? 

Kaz decided to not match with Micah after a tense evening and instead paired with Christine. After Kaz and Micah’s respective matches were sent on dates, Kaz confessed to Micah just how much he missed her after matching with Christine, and she decided to follow her heart and give him another chance. 

So, what’s the fate of this hot-and-cold couple? It seems as though the pair are no longer together as Micah has posted several GRWMs on TikTok getting glammed up for dates. One was posted in January 2024, though the show was filmed in August 2023.


Watching this back like nooo i have such chaos energy hes gonna run away girls. Whole fit is from @FashionNova #dating #relationship #datenight #loveisblind #grwm

♬ original sound – Micah

Chris Hahn and Tolú Ekundare

This friends-to-lovers couple took many by storm. Dated and Related’s Chris Hahn and Tolú, winner of Trust: A Game of Greed, shocked the rest of the villa with their pairing that began platonically. Over the course of the show, their friendship started to blossom into romance.

Since Season aired, the pair have shown support for each other on social media and still follow one another, but it’s unclear as to if this support is simply platonic or romantic. 

Only time will tell if there is an unlikely perfect match who has stayed together.

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