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Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey in \'Perfect Match\' Season 2
Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey in \'Perfect Match\' Season 2
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I Have 1 Big Question About Jessica & Harry After Watching ‘Perfect Match’ Season 2

Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey are undoubtedly the most unexpected couple on Season 2 of Netflix’s Perfect Match. Jess is best known for her iconic speeches and quips on Season 6 of Love is Blind, while Harry is known rather infamously for breaking hearts on Too Hot to Handle.

After witnessing this unlikely pairing of the ultimate girl’s girl and playboy, some have found themselves shockingly shipping these two (I’m embarrassed to admit that I am one of them). Now, many can’t help but wonder if these two are still together. After some digging, we might have an answer to this burning question.

Are Jess and Harry Still together after Perfect Match?

Though Perfect Match cast members cannot officially confirm or deny their current relationship status until all the current season’s episodes have been released, fans are the ultimate detectives.

Perfect Match Season 2 is said to have been filmed in August 2023. TMZ shared pictures taken back in September 2023 of Harry and Jess in Mexico, cuddling up together while on vacay. 

There seemed to be trouble in paradise after that point, though, with Jowsey making his Dancing With the Stars debut with professional dancer Rylee Arnold. Speculation of romance between these two quickly sparked, but Jowsey shut them down

On the April 30 episode of his podcast, Boyfriend Material, Jowsey said, “I had a secret relationship at the start of Dancing With the Stars. All those edits and all that stuff kind of brought me and my girlfriend at the time apart… I was madly in love with this girl. It was probably just infatuation, but I thought it was love. Obviously, it ended up ending, and it fizzled out because it’s so difficult to see your boyfriend or girlfriend on Dancing with the Stars being that close with someone else.”

Was Harry’s “secret relationship” alluding to Jess? Many believe the signs point to yes. 

Jess also seemed to fuel the rumors of a breakup around that time. Following the Netflix release of her season of Love is Blind in March 2024, Jess was asked many times about her current relationship status. She posted a TikTok addressing relationship rumors, making it evident that she was a free agent! Her caption even read, “Trust, y’all will know when someone has wifed me up. Let’s focus on the ones who might actually be.”


Trust, y’all will know when someone has me wifed up. Let’s focus on the ones who actually might be 😍 #loveisblind #loveisblindseason6 #lib #netflix #tea

♬ original sound – THAT1NEP0ET

Only time can tell if these two are actually still together or what their current relationship status is, and I know I’ll be watching new episodes of Perfect Match when they drop on June 14th for more clues.

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