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Which ‘House Of The Dragon’ Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It seems like fate is written in the stars in every episode of House of The Dragon this season. As we’re already getting closer to the halfway mark of Season 2, you can bet we’re definitely pledging our loyalties to Team Black or Team Green (I’m Team Black, for the record) as we prepare to see a battle between the houses. The world of HOTD is vast with so many different personality clashes and character traits between the Targaryens and Hightowers, that we know for a fact that there needs to be some definite chart readings happening in Westeros. As much as we’re fully engaged in the show, you have to admit: Everyone in HOTD probably needs years of therapy and tarot card readings to fully dissect their inner turmoil. 

Because of how many characters we follow throughout HOTD, each one has their own emotional storyline and battles that are dealt with throughout the show. If you’re like me and love overanalyzing the characters of HOTD, you’ve also probably wondered if your zodiac sign fits any of the characters in the show. To be fair, everyone in HOTD is incredibly emotional — and I’m here to be Team Black and Team Green’s sign-reading therapist. Spoiler warning: Spoilers for Season 1 & 2 of House of The Dragon follow

Rhaenyra Targaryen & Corlys Velaryon: Cancer

Now, as a Cancer, I can see why people would disagree with this statement. However, Rhaenyra has proven to be a character who is in tune with her emotions and genuinely wants the best for her family. After the death of her son, Lucerys, she copes with her feelings while also trying to move forward. Cancers are notoriously known for truly caring about the people around them, even if they have wronged them. Rhaenyra’s past friendship with Alicent is often talked about in a negative way, but Rhaenyra still truly cares about her. I don’t know about you guys, but it’s giving Cancer energy.

Corlys is also a very family-oriented character throughout the show and is often one of the voices of reasoning that helps set Team Black on the right path. Corlys stands by his beliefs and duties and can hold his own ground. There’s a sense of reality that Cancers have, and their emotional side makes them more powerful. 

Alicent & Otto Hightower: Virgo

Virgos are often very obsessed with trying to achieve perfectionism. Maybe they might seem a bit over their heads or can be seen as people-pleasers, but they are observant and dedicated to their craft. Alicent is someone who will attempt anything to achieve what she wants, and what is best for her family. We see it through moments where she attempts to defend her children (especially during her confrontation with Rhaenyra in Season 1) and her father. Alicent is serious and poised like a Virgo, and it can be seen as a negative to those around her. You could also say that Otto has similar traits as well, acting impulsively in order to protect his family. Virgos are very logical and in-depth in what they have to say, so if you’re a Virgo, you may relate to this. 

Daemon & Rhaenys Targaryen: Aries 

When we think about Aries, sometimes we have this illusion of a true leader. Aries are seen as incredibly assertive and courageous in what they want to pursue; which can be incredibly impulsive. Throughout Season 1 and 2 of HOTD, Daemon represents the best and reckless sides that Aries personifies. Daemon acts impulsively in moments where he feels the need to defend his family or himself (such as in Episode 1 of Season 2) which ultimately ends up backfiring.

Rhaenys also has the qualities of an Aries, as she’s often the most assertive and open-minded when speaking about what she believes in. There’s a leadership quality that Rhaenys has gained throughout her life, which makes me think of her as an Aries. Aries have the unique quality of being a loud, prominent voice, so you may also have some of these leadership traits as well. 

Aegon Targaryen & Criston Cole: Leo

Leos are typically seen as a flashy zodiac sign. Maybe it’s because Leos are often in the spotlight with their loudness and charisma, but sometimes the brazen energy is too much. Aegon gives off the qualities of a Leo due to his spot on the Throne, and how he demands for war due to an attempt for wide-scale attention. Aegon is also stubborn and can be argumentative, which may also be similar to how Leos can be seen as arrogant. Aegon wants to be on top and in the limelight, and he’ll do anything he can to stay there. You could also say the same for Criston, especially as he’s slowly gone up his ranks in Season 2. When Criston has a plan, he sticks to it (even if it’s the worst plan you’ve seen). Criston personifies this need of perfectionism, as well as the negative side that he experiences while tearing his enemies down. If you’re a Leo, you may feel a need to be the center of attention— no matter what it takes. 

Aemond Targaryen & Jacerys Targaryen: Scorpio

As the middle sibling, Aemond is often seen as secretive and elusive. Scorpios are known for being impossible to break, and notoriously private about what’s going on inside of their heads. Aemond buries a lot of his thoughts and keeps things away from his family as he’s not consistently in the spotlight, and Scorpios are intensely deep inside their heads. Scorpios are also a danger to be reckoned with, similar to how quick Aemond reacts to certain situations. Jace also has certain attributes of a Scorpio that Aemond does not have, such as his protectiveness and how disciplined he is throughout the show. Jace is also more self-reliant, and wants to protect his family’s dynasty. 

Helaena Targaryen: Aquarius

The most responsible and t creative of the Targaryen family has to be Helaena. She’s more fascinated by the world around her (such as her collection of bugs) and wants to be alone most of the time. Helaena gives off massive Aquarius energy as the show progresses, even if her personality is seen as “detached” by her family. Helaena is also the most intellectual member of her family, as she balances with the prophecies inside of her head.

Aquariuses are more interested in gaining knowledge instead of power, something that Helaena emulates. Helaena has a creative way of coping with different circumstances, but she’s also very unique in coming up with different plans. Even in moments where she forgives characters like Alicent, Helaena’s words confirm that she is one of the most mature members in her family. If you’re an Aquarius, you may be the voice of reason and the most eccentric member of your family or friend group. 

Baela Targaryen: Pisces 

Pisces is one of the most empathetic zodiac signs, and is one of the wisest amongamongst the others. Throughout SeasonsSeason 1 & 2, we have seen Baela protect not only her family’s name, but also carve out her own pathway.  Baela is also incredibly independent and is loyal to the things she believes in. Not only is she loyal, but she’s also a natural-born leader who truly shines.

She’s an true explorer with her dragon, Moondancer, by her side. She’s selected to protect her family, and is devoted to the cause. Baela represents the strong sides of Pisces that you possess, and you can bet that she’s one of the most trustworthy warriors in HOTD

Viserys Targaryen: Libra 

Okay, so technically Viserys is not a character in Season 2, –but his presence alone gives off major Libra vibes. If you’re a Libra, chances are you’re open-mindedopen minded and interested in hearing each side of the story. Despite Similar to both sides of the Targaryen and Hightower family, you may often being stuck in the middle of massive dilemmas,. Libras are known for having optimistic attitudes  for the future, and try to see the good side in every situation. This may seem like a weakness, but Libras are often making decisions for the people around them that may backfire or go extremely well in the long run. 

Larys Strong: Gemini

Geminis are portrayed and seen as a very intelligent and intellectual sign amongst their peers, especially when it comes to thinking upcoming up with different plans. Geminis may also have a reputation forof being seen as instigatorsing, but they often do this for the sake of themselves or the people they care about. Throughout Season 1 and Season 2 of HOTD, Larys is typically the background character who is forging new plans for Team Green. Many don’t see it coming, but the plans are very meticulous and thought out. If you’re a Gemini, you may be the mastermind behind some of the biggest plans you’re involved inaround you, whether you’ve created them or added fire toonto it. 

Lucerys Targaryen: Taurus 

Even though Lucerys is not in Season 2, his presence is also still heavily felt through Rhaenyra. In Season 1, Lucerys wais soft-spoken and wanteds to do right for his family, no matter what it costcosts. If you’re a Taurus, you love having a sense of security and are devoted to helping the people you really love. Not only do Tauruses love the comfort of their friends and family, but they’re also very clever behind the scenes. Tauruses are also incredibly dependable, and you can guarantee that they are determined to make things right. 

Gwayne Hightower: Sagittarius 

Gwayne may have just barely been introduced in Season 2, but from his first episode, the Sagittarius energy wais there. Sagittariuses are thea brazen, bold type whozodiac sign that speaks their minds freely no matter what anyone else says. Gwayne is shown to put certain characters (like Criston) in their place, even if it may be reflected as a negative on him.

Chances are that if you’re a Sagittarius, you don’t mind what other people have to say about the things that you do. You also might be spontaneous in the situations you get yourself into, and you can’t be tied down. 

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