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This Is What Rory Has Been Doing Since ‘Gilmore Girls’ Ended

We are just as invested in Rory Gilmore’s love life as the next Gilmore Girls fan. But we’re eager to see another mysterious part of Rory’s life revealed in the Netflix revival: What career path did she end up on?

Alexis Bledel, who plays the younger Lorelai Gilmore, is finally dishing on Rory’s life since Yale. In an interview with Us Weekly, Bledel shares that Rory did in fact become a journalist like she always wanted to.

“She has been working hard, as she does,” Bledel says. “She started her work as a journalist at the same time that newspapers were going away. Her field changed dramatically as she was just kind of getting up and running. So that’s where we pick up with her.”

But Bledel also notes that Rory hasn’t taken the typical 9-to-5 route. 

“It’s real time, so it’s been about eight years that she’s been living a bit of a vagabond lifestyle, kind of chasing each story that she becomes passionate about and wants to tell,” Bledel reveals. She also adds that Rory’s been “crashing on couches and staying with friends” instead of “planting roots anywhere.”

No matter what she’s up to these days, we can’t wait for the premiere of the revival. On November 25, you’ll find us planted on the couch, stuffing our faces with Thanksgiving leftovers—along with coffee and Pop-Tarts, of course!

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