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This Retro Social Media App Has A 500K-Person Waitlist — Here’s What To Know

Anyone remember Myspace? It was a social media platform that launched in August 2003 and was popular among many users in the 2000s. The site came about before Gen Z’s time — many of us were either not born yet, just being born, or very young — so we didn’t get to experience the platform like previous generations might have. But for many Millennials, it was their first social media platform, and hearing its name may bring up feelings of nostalgia.

The platform has since shut down; however, a new social media app called “Nospace” is coming soon that may just be the Gen Z version of Myspace that we all wished to have had, with similar features and everything. This app could give Gen Z users the chance to change how they interact with and use social media platforms in our day-to-day lives, compared to the platforms we currently have today.

The app Nospace is so highly anticipated that it hasn’t been released yet, but already has a waiting list with over 500,000 people, a rep for the company told Business Insider.  

According to Nospace reps, it is a social media app that is targeting Gen Z and will allow users to genuinely connect with others instead of being super algorithm-driven like some other current platforms Gen Z uses. In fact, the app even mentions in the app’s App Store description, “Remember how fun the internet was before all the algos and ads? We do too… so we’re bringing it back.” 

The app will provide an experience similar to what users had with Myspace and the early days of Facebook, with formatting that will transport users back to the simpler digital era of the 2000s (which, let’s be honest, is trending with Gen Z now anyway with the whole Y2K era coming back in style).

“What I see right now is all social media is just media — it’s not social anymore,” Tiffany Zhong, the app’s founder, told Bustle. “Everyone is ogling at each other’s lives and personalities, but no one is engaging with them.”

Zhong is a 27-year-old Gen Zer herself, which means she recognizes what Gen Z is looking for when it comes to social media. 

Some of the app’s features will include customizable profiles in which users can change their background colors as well as provide updates on their mood, relationship status, personal interests, and more. You can also find friends based on shared similarities, collect badges, share what music you’re listening to with others, and chat privately, as noted in the App Store preview. There is also a feature where you can pick your top eight friends, similar to Myspace’s notorious “Top 8” feature. Further, there will be a “friends only” feed just for your closest friends, as well as a global chronological feed for every active user in real time. 

People ages 12+ won’t have to wait too long to try the app out for themselves as it is set to be released on the app store on June 12, 2024.

Courtney Lemkin is a National Contributing Writer for Her Campus. She writes life and career content on the site including advice on academics and more. She is a recent graduate of St. John's University where she majored in communication arts and minored in English. During her time at St. John's, she was the vice president of the campus' multimedia organization and also has previous experience writing for College Magazine. She later became an editor, social media coordinator / newsletter editor, and eventually worked her way up to holding the position of editor in chief. In her free time, Courtney enjoys anything related to the arts and loves going to see Broadway plays.