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For all of the eager fans waiting impatiently for the fall 2024 edition of Bama Rush (which will kick off in earnest in early August), another University of Alabama event is here to hold you over. This June, you may have seen videos of new freshmen college students preparing for, and attending, an event called Bama Bound. I know it’s been all over my “for you” page recently, and it’s giving major Bama Rush vibes. But what is Bama Bound, exactly? 

It turns out, Bama Bound is the University of Alabama’s orientation program for freshmen and transfer students. It allows students and their parents to learn about the university, the services offered to students, and its academic programs, as well as enroll in classes for their first term there. 

But this isn’t your ordinary “tour the campus and hopefully make a few new friends” college orientation. As the Bama girlies have become known to do, they’ve turned this event into a full-blow fashion and social media moment. Incoming students are taking to TikTok to show off their Bama Bound outfits, sharing all the things they’re packing in their bags for the various orientation events, and posing near iconic University of Alabama buildings.

With sorority recruitment at the University of Alabama being an annual hit on TikTok, people are starting to use Bama Bound TikToks as a way to get excited for Bama Rush in the fall. Many TikTokers are commenting under Bama Bound videos to stay on the Bama side of TikTok, and some are even picking who they think will do well during rush based on their Bama Bound content. As one user commented on creator @may010201’s Bama Bound OOTD video, “Following bc i have a feeling you’re going to rush & be a main character.”

Speaking of OOTDs, the Bama Bound outfits seem to be more laid back than what you might see on #RushTok, but they still slay and give a solid indication of what the girlies will be wearing come the fall semester. There are many brands being featured in these OOTDs, including Lulus, Hermes, Kendra Scott, Shein, TJ Maxx, and more — clearly, it’s that same mix of high and low that is common during rush.

Another fun trend associated with Bama Bound — especially the OOTDs — is that alums are joining in by sharing the fits they wore in years past. You can tell the difference from the years when Bama Rush was a thing and before that was the case; in the earlier years, the outfits were much more casual


Exposing my bama bound outfit… This is just the tip of the iceberg i fear #bamabound#alabama#bama#greenscreen

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So, is Bama Bound the new Bama Rush for fans on TikTok? Not exactly, but it is a preview, if you will, that allows people to see the new styles and personalities of the up-and-coming class who will (very likely) rush in August.

Hollie David is a nursing student who graduated from Central Connecticut State University in May 2024. She has a passion for writing especially about women's health, mental health and feminist issues. She's been published in multiple nursing magazines from Nursing made Incredibly Easy to Imprint. She was also a staff writer for The Recorder. In Hollie's free time she loves to read, watch true crime documentaries and attend dance classes.