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These Bama Rush 2023 PNMs On TikTok Have All My Support

Bama Rush is my Super Bowl and the main event has just begun. The highly-anticipated Alabama Rush 2023 is back in full swing, and the potential new members (PNMs) are already starting to turn into main characters on TikTok. 

Bama Rush is its own little world and we are just living in it. While PNMs go through days of bonding, events, and rushing at the University of Alabama, viewers admire their commitment and contagious personalities from afar. And I am one of those loyal viewers. 

The Kendra Scott plugs and Pants Store OOTDs are back and better than ever. Each year, main characters are born from the vlogs of the process and adorable GRWMs that flood our For You Pages. And ever since the Bama Rush documentary, the interest in the southern sorority recruitment just keeps growing. Bama Rush 2023 is giving our new characters to live vicariously through with their stunning looks, authenticity, and displays of personality and sisterhood. Here are 11 PNMs to follow to get your Alabama Rush fix. 


Bella Grace is the sweetheart of Alabama Rush, and her positive outlook is a breath of fresh air in the rushing process. On her TikTok, she is transparent about her anxiety and nerves, making her a relatable creator for other PNMs feeling the same. She’s also singlehandedly making Lily Pulitzer trendy again. Bama RushTok is rooting for you, Bella! 


Jaylah comes from a small town in Louisiana, but with her contagious personality and stunning outfits, she’s taking over the big world of Bama Rush. Not only are her outfits perfect for each day, most of her jewelry is from her grandma or aunt. Does it get sweeter than this? 


Allison is who Emma Chamberlain would be if she went through Bama Rush. Allison gives off effortless cool girl vibes and her videos make you feel like you’re talking to a friend on FaceTime. As a former Miss Colorado Teen, she knows how to woo an audience with her personality and show-stopping looks. From funny edits to her showing her authentic self, Allison is keeping it real on Bama RushTok. She recently revealed that she voted on her favorite houses, but is keeping it a secret — we will be patiently waiting. 


Every rush season needs a main character like Morgan. She approaches the process with humor and realness, making her such a fun person to watch. She and Bella Grace are the crossover we didn’t know we needed till now

While other PNMs want to wear heels, Morgan just wants to wear Crocs and honestly, that’s why I love her. When she isn’t making her chaotic GRWMs, she is showing off the gifts her mom gave her for rush week and it’s adorable. She gives best friend energy and if she doesn’t get a bid, we ride at dawn. 


From adorable hairstyles to gorgeous outfits, Alani Sage is absolutely killing the Bama Rush game. Can we take a moment for her Sisterhood Day 1 dress? I need it immediately. She is glam and I can’t wait to see more of her. 


We must protect Isabella at all costs. Her bubbly personality and amazing outfits are making her one of my favorite main characters for Bama Rush. I also love how she always includes her roommates in her OOTDs — they are all serving looks. Bella is a girl’s girl through and through and I’m living for her rush content. TBH, still not over her Sisterhood orange dress.


Ms. Marin does not miss with her Alabama Rush outfits. From her statement Sisterhood look to her unique skirt for Philanthropy, she is a fashion queen and is crushing it. If her outfits weren’t enough to recruit you as a fan, then let her being a Swiftie win you over. In many of her outfits, she has Taylor Swift easter eggs and her Philanthropy Day 2 outfit was giving 1989 (Taylor’s Version) realness


Bella Reaves is the Kylan Darnell of Bama Rush 2023. With her genuine personality and Elle Woods-esque outfits, she is a fan favorite. Her outfits always have a hint of pink that is giving Barbiecore meets Bama Rush. I’m living vicariously through her and her outfits. 


Amelia has this irresistible energy about her that makes her a joy to watch. She is taking over Bama Rush with her stunning curly hair and gorgeous outfits. The best part? The majority of her looks and jewelry are affordable. I need her to drop the Amazon Storefront ASAP. 


Emma is our Bama Rush thrift queen. Her looks always have secondhand or affordable pieces that make her both a sustainable icon and fashion queen. Besides her contagious personality and beautiful outfits, she is always incredibly transparent throughout the process. She even came to TikTok to share her emotions about missing home and give advice to followers who might also be in her shoes. Ugh, I love her!


Blair takes Bama Rush OOTDs to the next level with her catchy intros that always have a play on words based on her outfits. Whenever I see her pop up on my FYP, I get excited. She is bringing the energy this Bama Rush season. Her personality is infectious and her outfits are to die for. 


Lauren and her best friends are taking over Bama RushTok and I’m absolutely obsessed with them. Together, they are creating adorable OOTD videos of their cute but comfy outfits. Their personalities are beyond sweet and RushTok is rooting for all of them. I mean, how could you not? 

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