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What is Going On With Jessica Lowndes & Jon Lovitz?

This weekend, Jessica Lowndes began posting on social media about her newfound relationship with actor and comedian Jon Lovitz. The two did appear on an episode of Hawaii 5-0 together earlier this year, but the pairing seemed to come out of nowhere.

Lowndes was flaunting their relationship all over Instagram, which caused many people to believe it wasn’t real.

After a lot of suspicious people commented on her photos, the 90210 actress posted a video on Instagram, saying, “No, I haven’t been hacked. I’m just really excited to finally be able to share this secret with you guys.” She even shared a picture of an engagement ring, sparking marriage rumors.

Lovitz flaunted the relationship, too. He posted a picture with Lowndes on his Twitter yesterday.

Despite their insistence that their relationship was real, the general public didn’t buy it. Model Chrissy Teigen was among the skeptics.

And it turns out Teigen was right. The social media blitz was meant to promote the release of Lowndes’ new song, Deja Vu (Remix).


Out on Vevo and iTunes now… http://bit.ly/EarlyAprilFools (link in bio)

A photo posted by Jessica Lowndes (@jessicalowndes) on

Did Lowndes and Lovitz get you? Or did you know the relationship was an April Fool’s joke all along?

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