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Weekend Wrap-Up

I can’t wait to start off this second week! I am going to be more focused and determined than ever! My main concern now is food. We bought a bunch of healthy groceries today and hopefully they will keep me satisfied and I won’t crave my “comfort foods.”

Best of luck to you all and feel free to comment with any suggestions or concerns!


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Meagan is a junior at the University of Tampa working towards her Communication degree. Currently a Creative Services Intern for Bright House Networks, Meagan produces commercials and graphics for local businesses and for fashion blogs. She has worked at a daycare for six years and has a love for children-especially her kindergarteners! She has had a passion for television production since the third grade and in her spare time, she attempts to learn as much as she can about the newest technology. Like most girls, Meagan loves shopping and makeup-she is a beauty guru on YouTube as well. A true believer in milk chocolate and laughter, she always loves to have a good time, whether it is with friends and family, or with her kindergartners at her daycare job. She hopes to pursue her interests in design and television production while in college.
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