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Watch Jerry Seinfeld Deny Kesha a Hug & Try Not to Cringe

You know that moment of embarrassment when you wave at someone and they completely ignore or don’t notice you? Are we all nice and uncomfortable now? Now I’d like you to multiply that cringe-worthiness by, like, a gazillion. That is exactly the amount of awkwardness that went down between Jerry Seinfeld and Kesha on the red carpet Monday night when the comedian denied the pop singer a hug—three times.

The two were walking the red carpet for the David Lynch Foundation’s National Night of Laughter and Song when an excited Kesha spotted Seinfeld mid-interview, approaching from behind and exclaiming, “I’m Kesha. I love you so much!” To which he responded, “Oh, thanks.” She then moved in closer with her arms out and asked, “Can I give you a hug?”

“No thanks,” Seinfeld was quick to reply while holding up a hand, but Kesha was on a mission. “Please? A little one?” she begged, but Seinfeld was not about to give in, taking a step back the third time she approached him and dismissing her with a “Yeah, no thanks.” 

Kesha finally took the hint and left, fake-crying at the rejection while walking off camera. And the most embarrassing part? “I didn’t know who that was,” Seinfeld admitted to interviewer and radio host Tommy McFly, who informed him that it was Kesha. “Okay, well, I wish her the best,” he responded, laughing. 

While Seinfeld was unfamiliar with Kesha and was probably just looking to keep his personal space uninvaded, I have to give huge props to Kesha for her persistence. I would have died of embarrassment right there on the red carpet after the first rejection.

Experience the awkward encounter in all its cringe-worthy glory below.

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