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20 Tweets About the Washington Riot that Perfectly Explain How You’re Feeling

On Wednesday January 6, Trump supporters gathered together and stormed the Capitol in protest of Biden winning the Presidency, leading the men and women of Congress to evacuate. These events were extremely appalling and upsetting to watch as a nation, with many calling it an act of terrorism. To all of those upset and panicked by these events, I feel exactly what you feel. At least one is dead, Capitol windows were shattered, and COVID numbers could be going up because of this, and it’s hard to watch so many people just… not care. 

But not everyone is like the people we saw terrorizing the Capitol, and its inhabitants, yesterday. What happened was absolutely disgusting, but while 2021 hasn’t gotten off to a great start with this protest, I want you to remember that 2020 is over and this will be a new year, a year of hope. In two weeks, maybe even closer, we’ll have a new president – one that doesn’t spew messages of hate on Twitter or organize a coup for his own benefit of chaos and destruction, just because he lost – and you’re not alone in your disappointment over yesterday’s events or your hope for better things to come. Here are 20 tweets that share your sentiments – from lawmakers to everyday people like you and me – that I hope can give you peace of mind, and assure you that a better future will be coming soon.




















And lastly, a tweet by AOC saying what we’re all thinking right now:

Nicole Wojnicki is an alumni of LIU Post and has studied Broadcasting Journalism. Nicole drinks Starbucks, tweets about reality TV, spends time with her two cats Shishka and Bob, works out and writes about her interests and life.