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Perfect Match Season 2 cast
Perfect Match Season 2 cast
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Was ‘Perfect Match’s Season 2 Winner *Actually* Rigged? The Cast Spilled The Tea

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for Perfect Match Season 2 follow. While Season 2 of Perfect Match may have come to a close, the drama is still very much alive on the internet. The winners of the finale — Too Hot to Handle alums Christine Obanor and Nigel Jones — were given the title of “perfect match” in spite of being a late-forming couple that wasn’t officially in the house. This win had fans shook (I literally gasped when they announced who won), as many figured an existing couple from the house was going to take home the title. This left many wondering how Christine and Nigel won the season, with some even suspecting that the win was rigged. 

Since the Season 2 finale, some cast members of the season have taken to social media to discuss the BTS drama that wasn’t featured onscreen.

Too Hot to Handle’s Melinda Berry made an appearance on the recent season and has since shared some BTS tea. She took to TikTok Live to detail how there were two separate pacts between cast members. She shared that this is what inevitably led to Nigel and Christine’s shocking win.

In the video, Berry explained how the OG girls in the house had a pact to not let anyone new into the house. Because of this, another pact was formed for those who entered the house over time to vote for each other if one lasted in the house, which perfectly explains Nigel and Christine’s win. Y’all… the tea is piping hot.

Chris Hahn, an OG member of the house who stayed there until the very end, also expressed how he felt regarding the pact, furthering the drama between outside and inside members of the house.

Chris finished the show matched with Tolú Ekundare (former winner of Trust: A Game of Greed) and shared on TikTok that he felt the two of them should have won.

As Chris explained, the pact was made so that if one person from the outside group found their way into the finale, they were guaranteed a vote. In spite of being in one episode, Nigel and Christine were crowned the “perfect match” because both were members of the outside group. 

“Every single cast member on the show gets a vote. If you were in the house, if you’re outside of the house, doesn’t matter. We all know that there could only be 10 people in that house at one time,” he said. “So the people outside of the house — the ones that didn’t really get in the house that much, they either got kicked off, or they didn’t really come in because they got the boot because they didn’t influence the other date to match with them — what they did was they made a little treaty. They made a little deal.”

He added, “They made the treaty that if one person from this group — the outside house group — gets into the finale with one of the final couples, we all will vote for them. Nigel [was] one, Christine is the other. They didn’t really get in the house that much. This is their first time really in the house. They just matched up. They’ve been on for one episode. Everyone’s going to ask like, how the hell do they win?”

Chris went on to reveal that “everyone outside of the house during that pact voted for Nigel and Christine to win it,” which explains that finale. 

Some cast members, Chris included, were upset that the vote didn’t go to who was actually thought to be the “perfect match” and clearly, this didn’t sit well with fans of the show. 

 So… to put it simply, the Season 2 win was rigged.

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