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Wait, Is Jack Pearson Saying Goodbye for Good? Milo Ventimiglia Shares Clean-Shaven Selfie

Season two of This Is Us has officially wrapped up filming, and we have so many questions.

Milo Ventimiglia, who we adore as doting father and husband, Jack Pearson, has done away with Jack’s signature ‘stache and slicked-back style that we have come to know and love. Hair stylist Ashley Streicher posted a darling selfie debuting Ventimiglia’s fresh-faced look on Monday. Could this mean we’re bidding farewell to Jack for good?!


Don’t freak out just yet. The 40-year-old actor actually popped up on Twitter last weekend after the wrap, promising that Jack will indeed continue on as the series progresses.

*SPOILER ALERT: Do NOT keep reading if you haven’t watched the Super Bowl episode of This Is Us!

For those living under a rock—or, probably more accurately, refusing to subject themselves to the pain—Jack met his end this season in an intense, post-Super Bowl episode that fans had been dreading and theorizing about for weeks. In pure Jack fashion, he fought his way through the Crock Pot-induced flames tearing through the Pearson home in order to save a few treasured possessions, including the family dog. The smoke inhalation proved too straining on his body, and the Pearsons lost Jack.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, however, Ventimiglia promised that even though his death has been publicized, Jack—and his facial hair—will be back next season.

“I am happy to have that in the rear-view. But it’s not the end of Jack. There is still so much to know about this guy,” Ventimiglia said. “There’s a lot of life left in him—even in death, there’s a lot of life left in Jack.”

Sterling K. Brown, who took home an Emmy last year for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role as present-day Randall Pearson, gave us some hints about what’s to come in the remaining episodes of this season.

“We have a beautiful standalone episode for episode 17 that I won’t say too much about,” Brown told Entertainment Tonight. “And the season finale will answer some questions and, as always, explore new possibilities for where we’re going to be going in season three.”

The season two finale of This is Us will hit screens on Tuesday, March 13 at 9 p.m. EST.

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