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Vlog #6: Stormy Strength Training!

Hey ladies!

Yesterday (Friday), it was super cold, windy, and rainy here in Boston, but that didn’t phase me – I woke up at 7:30AM and headed to the Emerson gym! New Balance Fitness Expert Holly Perkins told me to work out 5 days per week, and have 2 of those days include some kind of strength training. So I designated Friday to be one of my strength training days!

I originally went to do the Awesome Abs class, but my plans ended up changing a little bit… But either way, watch my vlog to see what kinds of strength training moves I decided to do! I don’t know the technical terms for them, but, hey, it’s the workout that counts, right?!

What I didn’t mention in my video is that after I got back from the gym (and finished recording my vlog), I sat down on my couch and rested my eyes… for 2 and 1/2 hours! I decided that since I got up so early to workout, I could reward myself by taking a nap!


College Girl Tip of the Day: don’t feel bad if you need a nap… you deserve it! That’s one of the benefits of working out right at the beginning of your day – then you don’t have to feel guilty about what you do the rest of the day… you’ve already been productive!

Part of the reason I didn’t post this until today is that I can now vouch for the fact that, yes, my body is extremely sore today! Just as I expected when I recorded the video… My sides are the most sore – every time I laugh it hurts, or every time I twist my body in a certain way – but it hurts in the best way possible, because I know that I got a good workout yesterday!

Today is my day off working out, because I’ve been so good at working out for the past 4 days in a row! So I will resume my fitness plan tomorrow…

But for today, what I am trying to work on is…


Since this past summer, I’ve been trying to eat small amounts of food more often throughout the day, because I get hungry so often (I guess that means I have a good metabolism?), and I get tired and dizzy if I don’t eat for too long. So I’m trying to change that! And snack snack snack!

I will explain more in another post, but that’s just a little hint of what I’m working on on my day off!

So take a break from your homework, and go get your strength training on! Get it out of the way so you can have fun tonight!

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Cassidy Quinn Brettler graduated from Emerson College in May. She's from Seattle, WA. As a major in Broadcast Journalism and Acting, Cassidy has done all kinds of things, including interning at NBC News in Los Angeles, anchoring and producing campus news shows, and even covering the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games! She was also the Merchandising Chair and PR/Social Media Chair of Alpha Epsilon Phi Beta Alpha Chapter, and is a huge fan of all sports. She's also a social media nerd, so if you can't find her outside jumping in puddles (like a true Seattle girl!), you can find her Tweeting from all over Boston. Since graduation, Cassidy's been searching for jobs, involving reporting, video blogging, and Tweeting - maybe even all at the same time...!
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