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VIDEO: Celebrities Pay a Heartfelt Tribute to the Victims of the Orlando Shooting

In light of the attacks that occurred on June 12 at Pulse nightclub, Lady Gaga, Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox and many others joined to pay tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting with a heartfelt video.

The shooting has been referred to as the worst mass shooting and the deadliest hate crime against the LGBTQ community at large in United States history. As a way to honor the victims of the attack, the Human Rights Campaign released a video, produced by Ryan Murphy, featuring celebrities identifying each of the victims individually, and offering accolade in order to honor their memory.

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At the end of the video the celebrities are heard reciting these words: “It’s time to stop the bleeding. Let’s show the world that love conquers hate. Join me…join me…join me and the Human Right Campaign to demand common sense laws to protect the LGBTQ community and all Americans from hate violence.”