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The Perfect Rom-Com to Watch This Valentine’s Day, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the romantic mood than to dive into a classic rom-com? Totally single, happily in a relationship, or otherwise, I’ve rounded up the films that are guaranteed to make you laugh, smile, or cry — or perhaps all three — with each zodiac sign in mind. Let’s get to it!

Aries: 10 Things I Hate About You

Julia Stiles stars as Kat Stratford in 10 Things I Hate About You, who, per the film’s official teaser, is described as being “beautiful, smart, and quite abrasive.” But with the introduction of an irresistibly charming new boy, Patrick, portrayed by the late Heath Ledger, Kat finds her harshness softening, the protective wall around her emotions beginning to diminish. Sound familiar, Aries? For any Aries who can struggle with vulnerability but also craves an exciting love, 10 Things is a perfect fit.

Taurus: 13 Going on 30

Taurus, if you can relate to being practical, ambitious, and a bit stubborn at times — which astrology would suggest that you most certainly can — allow me to propose 13 Going on 30 as the perfect V-Day rom-com for you. Jennifer Garner’s character of Jenna leads the film as a junior high student fed up with the perpetual drama and conflict of middle school. She wishes that she were instead an adult, leading a productive and successful life with a perfect husband at her side. Jenna’s whole world is flipped on its axis, however, when her desire becomes a reality and she suddenly resides in the body of a well-adjusted adult woman. 13 Going on 30 is a timeless and fun journey through teenage years and beyond, bound to entertain any Taurus who resonates with Jenna’s patience, reliability and determination.

Gemini: You’ve Got Mail

One of the most well-known selections on this list, You’ve Got Mail is a charming story of the back-and-forth relationship between rival booksellers Kathleen and Joe. While the two meet anonymously online and eventually fall in love over the course of many romantic emails, they are entirely oblivious to each other’s true identities, constantly at odds in their daily work and even expressing vivid dislike for one another when face-to-face. Geminis are bound to love You’ve Got Mail’s exciting pacing and the endless trials and tribulations in Kathleen and Joe’s complex relationship.

Cancer: Love, Rosie

Cancers are all about films that evoke a sense of sweet, intimate nostalgia, and the 2014 sensation, Love, Rosie, offers exactly that. The story follows kindred souls Rosie and Alex, who have known each other since the age of five and grown up for years as best friends. But when a drunken kiss causes Alex to realize his romantic feelings for Rosie, what will come of their relationship? Moreover, can the duo endure the distance that is wedged between them when Alex’s family moves from Dublin to the United States? The production is cutesy, warm, and, above all, destined to become an instant favorite among Cancers.

Leo: Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman has been labeled as something of a revisited Cinderella story, except instead of featuring a leading relationship between an eloquent Prince and a neglected daughter, it involves a prostitute and a highly successful businessman. The unlikely duo is brought together when Edward, exhausted by the pressures and strenuous nature of his work, wants a low maintenance date, and thus picks up Vivian, a sex worker from the street. While Vivian and Edward obviously come from vastly different backgrounds, the two help each other to gain perspective on their unique lifestyles and grow as people. Pretty Woman is enchanting and filled with fiercely passionate drama, and it’s a slam dunk for Leos who will find themselves relating to the ambitious and loyal nature of the characters.

Virgo: Someone Like You

For the organized, independent, and analytical Virgo, Someone Like You is effortlessly relatable and entertaining. While it doesn’t quite have the same name recognition as many of the other films on this list, Someone Like You is intelligent and savvy, presenting a unique take on a typical romance trope. Our protagonist, Jane Goodale, has all of her ducks in a row, or at least she had everything together before a relationship with her coworker ends catastrophically. Feeling out of control and upset, she resorts to doing what Virgos do best: research. But in her research project about male behavior, a bigger issue presents itself; Jane’s leading study subject is none other than her new roommate, Eddie, who has far more experience in playing women than studying anything. Together, Jane and Eddie embark on a journey to better understand the world around them, and most importantly, each other.

Libra: Clueless

Ugh, as if! Admittedly one of my favorite films ever, Clueless is Alicia Silverstone’s iconic contribution to the late 1990s and has been instrumental in defining the rom-com genre. The movie follows Silverstone’s Cher Horowitz, a hyper-privileged high school student with all of the money, glamour, and popularity a teen girl could ever ask for. After successfully pairing two of her teachers together — albeit just to get a good grade in a class — Cher takes it upon herself to also share her generosity with new student, Tai, by transforming her from an awkward and obnoxious transfer to an adored “it” girl. But when Cher finds her social status slipping to Tai herself, she is forced to take a hard look at her morals and values with the help of none other than her ex-stepbrother, Josh. As for the astrological connection? Cher is an outgoing, shopping-addicted girl with natural wit, charisma, and problem-solving ability; in other words, she’s undoubtedly a Libra herself.

Scorpio: The Notebook

The Notebook is an absolute classic in the romance genre. It’s adored by audiences far and wide, but the Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling film is especially suited for the mysterious water sign, Scorpio. The story is set in 1940s South Carolina, where star-crossed lovers Allie and Noah are separated by Allie’s parents’ disapproval of their relationship. Adapted from the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, there’s no doubt that Scorpios will be moved by this passionate and emotional exploration of undying love.

Sagittarius: Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians has become something of a cinematic classic since its 2018 release, capturing the heart of critics and casual viewers alike. While its goofy extravagance makes it an excellent choice for any viewer, the Sagittarius in particular will relate to its motifs of freedom, fun, and family. Crazy Rich Asians follows our protagonist, Rachel Chu, to the wedding of her boyfriend’s best friend. However, upon her arrival at the event, Rachel first learns of her boyfriend’s immense wealth and his position as one of Singapore’s “most eligible bachelors.” Her newfound insertion into this world of fame, jealousy, and drama makes for a perfectly lovable rom-com choice.

Capricorn: Silver Linings Playbook

Boasting a 92% Rotten Tomatoes rating and a historic slew of Academy Award nominations, Silver Linings Playbook has earned a reputation as not only one of the best rom-coms ever, but as a decade-defining film of the 2010s. Here, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence star as two eccentric adults helping each other to achieve their goals; while Cooper’s character, Pat, wants to mend his relationship with his wife, Lawrence’s Tiffany has her eyes set on an entirely different objective, promising that she will assist Pat if he offers a hand in her own mission. The film not only incorporates heaps of edgy humor and heartwarming romantic moments into its script, but it also features a heavily realistic and moving portrayal of mental illness. Seeing that Capricorns crave depth and meaning in film, Silver Linings Playbook undoubtedly fits the bill, seamlessly meshing fun and awe-worthy moments with a substantial and impactful story.

Aquarius: Love, Actually

Perhaps one of the most unique films on this list, Love, Actually is an offbeat anthology about nine diverse love stories and how they intertwine. The movie packs a star-studded cast, featuring famed actors like Hugh Grant, Kiera Knightley, and Liam Neeson. While myriad individual tales exist within Love, Actually, the importance of the film is made clear by a display of how love brings everyone together. Just like the Aquarius sign, Love, Actually is creative, quirky, and innovative. It’s a definite hit.

Pisces: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

A modern-day rom-com staple, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before effortlessly encapsulates everything a Pisces is: sweet, dreamy, and in love with the idea of being in love. The Netflix Original stars breakout actress Lana Condor as the kind and idealistic Lara Jean Covey, a high school junior who is hopelessly yearning for her older sister’s ex-boyfriend, Josh. However, when Lara Jean’s secret letters to each of her five past loves — including Josh — are accidentally sent out, Lara Jean scrambles to mask her true feelings by making a pact with fellow letter recipient, Peter Kavinsky, to “fake-date.” The result is a sugary-sweet story of bravery, family, and a display of the ways in which our best romantic matches can be entirely unexpected. As a Pisces myself, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before resonates deeply, and I’m confident it will for you, too.

Wishing you all a safe and lovely Valentine’s Day. Happy watching!

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