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11 Horror Movies Perfect To Watch On Valentine’s Day

There’s no wrong time to watch a scary movie; after all, who doesn’t love a good cult classic or out-of-the-box horror flick? But while there’s no wrong time, I’ll argue that there is an exceptionally right time: Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in a relationship or flying solo, there’s no better excuse for cuddling up with your significant other for comfort during the fearful adrenaline rush or scaring yourself silly as a distraction from your overly-PDA-filled Instagram feed

Whether you’re a lover of gory slashers, psychological thrillers, or comedic thrasher films, I guarantee there’s a Valentine’s Day horror movie out there for you to enjoy. And no, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re Valentine’s Day-themed horror movies – we’re not getting literal with The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre or My Bloody Valentine – but we’re definitely sharing the love.

Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and more, there are plenty of options to rent or stream. So grab your boo and a blanket or your trusty wine glass, light a candle or two, and settle in for a night of fright. Any combination of the following horror films will set you up for the perfect Valentine’s Day movie night with whoever your heart desires.

Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer’s Body incorporates high school romance (if you’re really looking for some of that V-Day love in your movie list) with plenty of creepy, culty, and graphically gory scenes. It was ahead of its time, and to this day Megan Fox takes the cake – between her beauty and her wit, you may nearly overcome your fears. Or not.

Rent on Amazon.

Ready Or Not

A movie about a failed marriage counts for any Valentine’s Day romance needs you may have, right? Combined with a touch (or more) of gore to make your Valentine’s Day memorable, this one makes for a shocking ending. Plus, Samara Weaving is undeniably kicking some ass, and we love to see it.

Rent on Amazon.

Get Out

Not to make you nervous or anything, but this movie exemplifies yet another failed relationship, with an even darker twist… Even those you think you know best may be strangers after all. Cuddle up with your SO and pray that your relationship doesn’t end up like this one, or remind yourself why we love to be single!

Rent on Amazon.


For the faint of heart, Zombieland softens the gore and minor jump scares with plenty of comedy. With an all-star cast and a helpful set of guidelines to adopt in your own life, Zombieland (not to mention its sequel) is not to be missed.

Stream on Hulu or rent on Amazon.


When a couple heads to Sweden for a festival with their friends, things quickly take a wrong turn when they find themselves unexpectedly wrapped up in a cult. The graphic and confusing sequences in this folk horror film will undoubtedly leave you unsettled, if not terrified – an unpleasant combination for those with weak stomachs!

Stream on HBO Max or rent on Amazon.


And we can’t forget about the classics. Scream incorporates humor with jump scares, the perfect pair for Valentine’s night in – especially if you’re enjoying it with someone else to comfort you. Plus, there are plenty of sequels and television spinoffs to follow, setting you up for the perfect marathon.  

Rent on Amazon.


A great option to watch with friends or with your partner, Us will keep you cowering. Jordan Peele deserves a lot of credit for the recent horrorsphere, and Us is yet another psychological thriller that’ll make you hold on to your partner (or your friends) and shield your eyes. 

Rent on Amazon.

Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game starts off spicy, giving it the potential of an excellent choice to watch with your SO, but then again it takes a dark turn into psychological horror when one of them ends up trapped, handcuffed to the bed, so it may be better to enjoy this one solo.

Stream on Netflix.


Carrie feels like the quintessential horror movie for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re screening the classic rendition or the more recent remake. It touches on teenage crushes, strained parental relationships, a little bit of religious trauma, and much more!

Stream the remake on Paramount + or rent the original on Amazon.

Happy Death Day

This one’s going to keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to figure out exactly what’s going on. Trapped in a time loop that always ends in her murder, Tree has to figure out who exactly wants to kill her, and see if she can put an end to it. And you’ll need to figure it out, too!

Rent on Amazon.

Warm Bodies

Do you want a zombified Romeo and Juliet? Say less. Warm Bodies mixes love, comedy, and just a little bit of gore in this sweet, horror-fied rom-com. As it turns out, true love really does exist – even when you’re cold-blooded. 

Stream on Peacock or rent on Amazon.

Have a happy and horror-filled holiday, this year. XOXO

Alex Beccari is a writer for Her Campus National and Her Campus SCU. She is a third-year student double majoring in Psychology and Business. Alex enjoys writing about mental health, relationships, and lifestyle and is passionate about political activism and women in business. For fun, she plays beach volleyball, sings, and paints.