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‘This Is Us’ Has Officially Announced Its Season 3 Premiere Date & My Emotions Aren’t Ready

Okay, okay, so I know you’re probably still recovering from that season two finale of This Is Us, in which my heart was metaphorically ripped out and thrown down ten flights of stairs, but in case you think your emotions can withstand more, the show has announced its season three premiere date, and it’s soon.

Because they basically can’t do anything without making us feel some ~feels~, This Is Us made the announcement on Instagram Tuesday in a video that gives a glimpse of the Pearson family calendar featuring Jack’s birthday, the Big 3’s birthday the day after and of course, the season three premiere date — which happens to be September 25, pretty close on the heels of those two v significant dates.


There’s no you. There’s no me. There’s just US. #ThisIsUs. September 25.

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Honestly, I’m already sobbing. In the meantime, I’ll just be over here trying to piece together answers to my many questions posed by that season two finale, like who are old Randall and Tess going to go “see?” Will Kevin manage to not somehow mess up his apparent relationship with Zoe? What about Daija? Most importantly, will I make it out of this show with my emotional sanity intact? LMK.

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