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‘This Is Us’ Finally Revealed How Jack Died But It Wasn’t What Fans Expected (& We All Still Cried)

Spoilers ahead!

This Is Us aired a special episode right after last night's Super Bowl LII — fittingly titled "Super Bowl Sunday" — and fulfilled its promise to finally reveal how Jack died. Previous episodes, fan theories, and even this week's preview all implied that it would be a house fire that caused Jack to die; however, that's not exactly what happened.

There was, of course, a house fire (thanks to a faulty crock-pot) and once the entire Pearson family (minus Kevin, who was out with Sophie) was safely out of the house, Jack went back in after seeing how distraught Katie was over her dog still being inside. Right after he went in, there was a fire explosion that blocked his exit. Katie, Randall and Rebecca assumed the worst and began crying — only for Jack to come walking out the front door, dog in tow. 

Wait, what?!

Yep — Jack didn't die in the fire. But since the episode's previews had explicitly stated that all of our questions will be answered, fans knew something was coming — they just didn't know how. 

Jack was taken to the hospital for his burns and because of how much smoke he inhaled, but once he and Rebecca were there, everything seemed fine. The couple reflected on being at that same hospital when Kate, Randall and Kevin were born and expressed how happy they were to have each other. But when Rebecca left the hospital room to check on her kids and arrange a hotel for the night, it became clear what was going to happen. When she's on the phone, we see doctors rushing into Jack's room. One eventually emerges and relays the news: Jack went into cardiac arrest because of how much smoke he inhaled, and he didn't make it.

Cue. The. Tears.

The cast — Milo Ventimiglia in particular — was adorable on Twitter, making sure to check in with fans.


BRB, heading to the store to stock back up on Kleenex.

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