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The Internet Is Swooning Over Nicholas Galitzine In ‘The Idea Of You’ & TBH, So Am I

The new Prime video film that many believe is based on Harry Styles is finally here! The Idea Of You tells the story (written by Robinee Lee) of single mom Solène Marchand, played by Anne Hathaway, who falls in love with Hayes Campbell, the frontman of the boy band August Moon. The internet’s “It-Boy” Nicholas Galitizine stars as the hot lead singer who only has eyes for Hathaway’s character. 

The couple deals with the press criticizing their 15-year age gap, which only draws them closer together. While most fans fantasize about falling in love with their celebrity crush, this story shows what happens when your mom ends up dating them instead. However, there are still some cheesy Y/N and Wattpad-esque moments to gush over and the internet didn’t waste time sharing their thoughts. 

Since the film’s release, people on X (formerly known as Twitter) has been going crazy for Hayes Campbell, as many can’t help but thirst over the heartthrob. Many can’t help but swoon over Galitizine’s character. Not does is Hayes good looking and the lead singer of a super hot boy band, he’s also so in love with Solène. I mean, come on, they way he looks at her in the movie would make anyone’s knees go weak.

From fans thirsting over Galitizine’s good looks to swooning over his and Hathaway’s on-screen chemistry, here’s what fans have had to say about their new favorite (fictional) rockstar, Hayes Campbell. 

First up, there’s the group of people online who can’t get over Galitizine’s vocal skills. It’s giving Harry Styles in the studio, and I love it.

Then there’s *this* Y/N moment I was talking about. 

I’m convinced August Moon is a reincarnation of One Direction and Galitizine’s giving all of the Harry Styles circa 2014 vibes.

No words for these. They speak for themselves.

If you need convincing that The Idea Of You is a must-watch movie, look no further than these tweets because it’s pretty clear that this story (*cough cough* Nicholas Galitizine) is holding viewers’ attention.

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