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What TV Show You Should Watch This Fall, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We’ve all become very familiar with our screens over the past few months. With production halted on some of our perennial shows, this fall marks the perfect time to meet some new faves! Why not let the stars help you choose? Here’s what TV show you should watch this fall, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – The Boys Season 2, Amazon Prime

Of course, an energetic Aries needs some stimulation in their content. The Boys focuses on a group of vigilantes that keep corrupt superheroes in check. Season one makes for a perfect action-packed binge watch just in time for season two, which is coming in hot with plenty of fight scenes and intense plot – perfect for passionate Aries to get riled up while watching. 

Season 2 of The Boys will debut on Amazon Prime Video on September 4.

Taurus – About Face, Quibi

Glam queen Taurus lives for luxury, so this show about all things beauty should be perfect for them. About Face sits down with some of the biggest names in makeup and hair, revealing info about the road to success. The practical Taurus can learn from the likes of Kylie Jenner and Emily Weiss of Glossier, or learn something new to add to their self-pamper routine.

About Face debuted on Quibi on August 10.

Gemini – Mapleworth Murders, Quibi

Gemini, who’s always the life of the party, will love this comedy series with a twist. Mapleworth Murders stars legends like Maya Rudolph and Wanda Sykes, and follows a murder mystery writer-turned-detective as she bumbles her way through solving some real murders. Curious Gemini will love putting the mystery pieces together, while laughing their way through the show. 

Mapleworth Murders debuted on Quibi on August 10. 

Cancer – Pen15 Season 2, Hulu

Cancers are known for their hearts, and PEN15 has plenty of it. Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle play 13-year-old versions of themselves in the year 2000, so it’s full of throwback humor. Sympathetic Cancer can take a trip down memory lane with season one, and see how the characters handle their friendship in season two. Cancer is incredibly loyal, so the bond at the core of this show is sure to resonate. 

Season 2 of PEN15 will debut on Hulu on September 18.

Leo – Filthy Rich, FOX

Who better than Leo, who belongs in the spotlight, to appreciate a show based on power? Filthy Rich stars Kim Cattrall (also known as Samantha from Sex and the City) as a wealthy Southern widow, dealing with the repercussions of her late husband’s infidelity and the inheritance of his empire. Confident and bold Leo will love watching the rise and fall of Margaret Monreaux in all of her glory.

Filthy Rich will debut on FOX on September 21. 

Virgo – Teenage Bounty Hunters, Netflix

Work-life balance is not a strange concept to hardworking earth sign Virgo. In Teenage Bounty Hunters it gets a bit of a twist, as their work is catching criminals. Follow the Wesley twins as they balance school at an elite Southern academy by day with their night stints as crime fighters. Teenage Bounty Hunters will appeal to Virgo’s analytical mind and their kind heart as they watch these sisters take on the world. 

Teenage Bounty Hunters will debut on Netflix on August 14.

Libra – Love Island, USA, CBS

Give flirty and casual Libra a laugh with Love Island, USA quarantine edition! Rather than the typical tropical destination for the dating reality show, Season 2 was filmed under quarantine at a Las Vegas hotel. Zoom Island is sure to be full of new digital frontiers, and for Libra, it’s all about partnerships. 

Love Island USA Season 2 will debut on CBS on August 24. 

Scorpio – Ratched, Netflix

Scorpios have a rep for loving the unconventional, and can pass the time watching Ratched. Starring Sarah Paulson, the series is a One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest prequel, following the titular nurse and her tyrannical rule of the mental institution she works at. The series gives MAJOR American Horror Story energy, so Scorpios will live for the secretive and dramatic vibes. 

Ratched will debut on Netflix on September 18.

Sagittarius – Raised by Wolves, HBO Max

Sagittariuses are full of wanderlust and are constantly thinking about exploring the world around them. Give them the ultimate trip with this extra-terrestrial adventure. Raised by Wolves follows two androids tasked with raising human children on a mysterious new planet. Sagittariuses also love to think about philosophy, so watching the humans create divisions due to religious differences will be fascinating. 

Raised by Wolves will debut on HBO Max on September 3.

Capricorn – Next, FOX

Capricorns are self-motivated and often very focused on their careers and goals. Next follows a Silicon Valley pioneer after the AI he created goes rogue and threatens to destroy the world. Homeland Cybersecurity tries to subdue it, but it has the ability to constantly improve itself. Capricorns are typically disciplined and responsible, so they’ll be interested by what happens when their creation is beyond their control.

Next will debut on Fox on October 6.

Aquarius – Lovecraft Country, HBO Max

An Aquarius is an aloof soul, usually with some fascination with the world around them and what lies beyond. This twist on eldritch Lovecraft classics is perfect, combining history and fantasy for a unique horror experience. From the mind of Jordan Peele, Lovecraft Country follows a Black family on a road trip across 1950s Jim Crow America, facing both the natural racist terrors and the supernatural monster ones. An eccentric Aquarius will love the twist on the genre.

Lovecraft Country will debut on HBO Max on August 16. 

Pisces – Love in the Time of Corona, Freeform 

For hopeless romantic Pisces, Love in the Time of Corona is the perfect watch. Watch four couples navigate their new way of life and learn what to do when all they have is each other. Pisces is compassionate and gentle, and will appreciate the closeness and affection at the heart of these stories.

Love in the Time of Corona will debut on Freeform on August 22.

If the stars align, you’ll have even more options to choose from once Hollywood can get up and running again. For now, these shows can keep you amused, intrigued or at least distracted while you navigate the season ahead. 

Janae McKenzie is a junior at the University of Missouri, where she majors in Arts & Culture Magazine Journalism. She is a Her Campus Editorial Intern for Summer 2020. On the clock, Janae loves writing and editing content about where entertainment media and the real world meet. Off the clock, she loves watching cartoons, breaking out in song and drinking Diet Coke.
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