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Trump Fans Would Date a Hillary Supporter, But Not the Other Way Around

We all know that compromise and finding the common ground are super important parts of dating, but just how much are you willing to overlook when it comes to a potential SO’s political views?

This week, MTV conducted a poll of 900 self-identified Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters to find out just how irreconcilable the differences between partners can become when they have to do with politics, according to Cosmopolitan.

Interestingly, MTV found that Trump and Clinton supporters are pretty different in terms of how much they don’t want to date someone of the opposite affiliation. According to the results of the survey, Donald Trump supporters are surprisingly open to dating Clinton fans. Hillary followers? Not so much, Cosmo reports.

For example, Trump supporters would prefer to date a Hillary fan than someone who cannot speak their language. Clinton supporters said the opposite. The survey also found that Trump fans would rather date a Hillary supporter than someone who smokes, won’t share their Netflix password, or is a “bad texter,” whatever that means (but probably means they’d reply to your essay of a text three hours later with just an “ok”).

Adversely, Cosmo reports that Hillary supporters said that they would rather date a bad kisser, a smoker or a person with no cell phone than a Trump supporter.

And finally, to illustrate the extreme lengths that Hillary supporters are willing to go to avoid Donald Trump fans in the dating pool, the survey found that they would sooner date someone who pops his or her collar than someone is planning on voting for Trump. Wowza.