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Trisha Paytas Isn’t Reincarnating King Charles & Wants The Internet To STFU About It

Trisha Paytas is truly an enigma. From being a household name on YouTube to her music career (if you haven’t seen “I Love You Jesus”, do yourself a favor and go watch), Trish is truly one of the most entertaining celebs out there. However, if you weren’t there for Paytas’s past controversies or reality TV cameos, then you probably know them for their supposed ability to predict the future of the royal family (yup, you read that right). 

In a crazy coincidence, Paytas’ first and second pregnancies have coincided with Queen Elizabeth II’s death and King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis. It all goes back to Sep. 7 2022 when Paytas tweeted she was one cm dilated with her first daughter Malibu Barbie, and then the next day Queen Elizabeth died.

Immediately Tweets went viral claiming that Paytas’s unborn baby would be the reincarnation of the Queen – thus a meme was born.

Malibu Barbie was born a week after the Queen’s death but has continued her royal reign as YouTube’s favorite baby. She will be joined by her sister Elvis Paytas-Hamcon sometime in May 2024. 

The gag doesn’t end here though! On Monday, Feb. 5 it was revealed that King Charles III was diagnosed with an unspecified kind of cancer, and X/Twitter immediately jumped on the opportunity to point out that history is repeating itself and the “Prophecy” is being fulfilled. 

While the year-long joke already produced some quality content, I’ve got to say, this time is so over-the-top hilarious! No one can deny the hilarity between Paytas being pregnant at the same time the royal family receives bad news — for the second time! 

Paytas has expressed that she wants no part in being linked to the royals, but the internet can’t seem to stop thinking that her unborn baby will be the potential downfall of the King and possibly the whole monarchy. 

Numerous users have also pointed out the irony of Paytas naming her unborn daughter Elvis, as in the King of Rock in Roll. 

Some other great tweets have come out of this joke within the past two days.

All jokes aside, Paytas says that she just wants “her baby to be her baby” and she hopes the only association Elvis has is to the “King Of Rock and Roll” — not the royal King himself.

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