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A Topless Woman Interrupted Bernie Sanders’ Rally… To Protest Donald Trump

This past weekend, Bernie Sanders and his supporters in Phoenix, Ariz. were given a surprise when a woman in the crowd interrupted the rally by climbing onto another person’s shoulders and removing her shirt to reveal statements written on her front and back. She had “Stop Facism” and “Hate Speech is not Free Speech” scribbled across her bare skin, as well as stickers for the Free the Nipple movement on her…you can take a wild guess at where, exactly.

The catch is, however, this woman, who goes by Anni Ma, says that her act was actually in protest of Donald Trump. You must be wondering why she then ended up at a Bernie Sanders rally. According to The Washington Post, Ma had attempted to get into Trump’s rally, but, due to other protesters blocking off the highway leading to the location of the event, she was unable to.

So, the next best way to get on camera was for her to go to a Bernie Sanders rally, apparently—Though that’s kind of preaching to the choir. Sanders did notice her wild scene, right before security brought her to the back of the facility. The young woman has made it clear that she does support Sanders, despite disrupting his event.

Was it appropriate for Anni Ma to follow through with her act of protest against Trump at a rally that wasn’t his? Let us know what you think.

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