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Top Miami Twitter Accounts


We’ve found the top Twitter accounts a UMiami girl should be following. Whether it is to get info on the latest club openings or to read a Miami spin on the newest anonymous Twitter account trend, you won’t be able to resist clicking “follow” on these accounts.

1)   @GroveProbz – Described as “familiar experiences at the sloppiest place on earth,” this Twitter account essentially narrates your Tuesdays and Thursdays out at the Grove.             You’ll find tweets like “Cabin Fever or Moose Juice #GroveProbz.”

2)   @ThatUMiamiGirl – Following the “Sh*t _____ Says” trend, this account is the voice of every Miami girl who spends her time between classes tanning or at Starbucks and is sure to be at LIV every Wednesdays. An example of a tweet includes “Liiike… who goes to Tavern anymore?”

3)   @UMiamiMedia – Keep yourself updated on the latest Miami news  ranging from recent studies to sports. This account, which is run by UM Media Relations, it will let you know everything going on campus.

4)   @UraganoUM– Want to know where the pizza truck is? This account will let you know the school pizza truck’s whereabouts and you can even tweet at it to make a stop near you! it to come by you!

5)   @proCanes – Follow this account to receive updates on Miami Hurricanes who have gone pro in the NFL, NBA, MLB and WNBA.

6)   @MyMagicCity – This account retweets about the Magic City’s club events, sports and restaurants. It will keep you in the know on everything from which DJs are in town to the score of the Heat game.

7)   @MMWEvents – There is a lot going on during Miami Music Week but this Twitter account will keep you in the loop. With multiple events each day, it will inform you of everything musical going on in the city.

8)   @HouseMusicMiami – This Twitter account caters to all the house music fans, with tweets about the latest venues and performances.

9)   @UM_Shartwells – Anyone who has ever had a meal plan can relate to these tweets. UMiami Shartwells tweets things like “Doyou show no emotion and stare blankly for hours? You might be a perfect candidate for the next Cane Card swiper!”

10)  @HerCampusMiami – This is our twitter account where we tweet our latest articles as well as information about campus events and contests. Be sure to follow us for everything UMiami related!

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