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Tinder’s Giving You the Chance to Find Out Who Swiped Right On Your Profile

That’s right, you might not be able to hide behind Tinder’s anonymous swiping anymore. As a part of Tinder’s new subscription, Tinder Gold, the dating app will allow its premium members to figure out who swiped right on them. You’ll be able to see every single person in a 50 mile radius—not that I have my Tinder settings set that high—who has ever swiped right on your gorgeous face.

Don’t worry, this “Likes You” feature isn’t as creepy as it seems. According to Tinder, they really just want you to “see who likes you before you swipe,” so you don’t have to aimlessly swipe while looking for your frat boy in shining Sperry shoes. Instead, you can go straight to the people who actually like you on the app. Say what you want, but Tinder really does care about our dating lives (does this mean Tinder swiped right on us?).

Cosmopolitan explains that “Tinder Gold will be testing in Argentina, Australia, Canada, and Mexico shortly, and the company hopes to roll it out to all users soon.” Soon, if you’re willing to pay, you won’t have to make any more shrines to that one cutie you accidently swiped left on because you were definitely swiping way too fast.

Mashable reports that the “Likes You” feature on Tinder Gold will allow you to see all of the pending likes you have on the same screen as your matches (in grid format). Plus, Mashable explains that you can just auto-match or dismiss any of the potential suiters who have swiped right on you. It’s literally that easy.

Now, you can figure out if any of your friends swiped right on you. Granted, if you aren’t automatically swiping right on anyone that you have ever met in real life, then what kind of friend are you? Friends don’t swipe left on friends—it’s just basic Tinder etiquette.

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