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tiktoks of halloween costume ideas
tiktoks of halloween costume ideas
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These TikTokers Are Sharing Prime Halloween Costume Ideas

PSL season is here — and so is the pressure to have a jaw-dropping Halloween costume. Those Halloweekend parties aren’t going to come up with unique and fun Halloween costume ideas themselves, so it’s up to you. 

Often people take inspo from their fave trending TV shows or go retro with a late ’90s or early 2000s homage — or more recently, take a dive down the WitchTok rabbit hole, but that isn’t always the solution. Nowadays, TikTok is helping more than ever when it comes to costume ideas and decor needs for spooky season.  

If you’re panicking about finding a cute, easy, and fun Halloween costume for yourself or for a group, don’t worry — I’m here to help. Five TikTok creators have poured all their creativity into underground, unparalleled costume ideas. These are the best TikTok accounts to get you started.

For the lone wolf: Periozsoy

@Periozsoy is for the Barbz and the baddies. Her costume ideas come complete with Amazon links, where you can cop your fit ASAP, and a seductive aura. Each outfit is dripping with lace or enticing with skin-tight skirts, but that doesn’t mean the costumes aren’t one-of-a-kind. (Have you ever considered going out as a sexy Grinch?) Confident and thrifty Halloween fans can flock to this account to save their party costume in a pinch.

For the spooky & goofy girls: isabellegarciaa

Not everyone wants to go all-out with glitter and glam, and that’s okay. @Isabellegarciaa is for creepy costume lovers and sweatpants-wearing girls alike. Her ideas consist of two-piece costumes that require little to no makeup. Think Wanda Maximoff’s Age of Ultron look, or a classic Marilyn Monroe style. You could throw any of these costume ideas together by spending one hour at the thrift bins. (Just don’t get that sketchy second-hand wig.)

For the dynamic duo: .d9ily.v1be3

Let’s not pretend everyone shows up to Halloween bashes alone. For you and your besties, @.d9ily.v1be3 has a treasure trove of ideas. Duos, trios, and friend groups of up to six can rest easy knowing their costumes are covered. This account will show you how to serve Cosmo and Wanda realness with your BFF, or how to orchestrate the perfect Mystery Gang group costume. Sometimes the best costume is a collective effort rather than a solo adventure.

For the lovers: Hunterstandi

Halloween is a time for couples to shine. Matching costumes have trended for years and @hunterstandi knows the perfect costume for you and your boo. Whether you’re feeling a creepy couples costume like Chuck and Tiffany or a cutesy couple like Shark Boy and Lava Girl, this account has you hooked up with inspo pics. You’ll have to hunt down the items yourself, but that just gives you an opportunity to add your own flair.

For the ultra-talented: lenkalul

Not everyone has a steady hand, but the beauty gurus of the Internet sure do, and Halloween lets them unleash their creative ideas. For every day of October, @lenkalul has a new look for you to try. There’s something for everyone among her videos, from a zodiac-themed lookbook to simple spooky eyeliner to American Horror Story and The Purge characters. (Fair warning: These Halloween makeup tutorials take at least a little expertise or practice!)

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